9 Hot Organizational Products for $10 or Less

BY: CableOrganizer.com

If a tight budget has prevented you from investing in functional and stylish organizational products, we have great news for you: money doesn’t have to be an issue when it comes to ousting home and office clutter. Sound too good to be true? Just take your pick of these 9 wallet friendly, mess-taming solutions from CableOrganizer.com, and you’ll find that it’s possible to clear away the clutter without cleaning out your bank account.

1. Cable Turtle (Mini and Small Sizes: $4.99 - $5.99)

cable turtleCord Control, meet High Style. This sleek little Dutch import features a convenient “flip open, snap shut” design that lets you wind excess cable length around its hidden core to prevent tangled cords and unwanted clutter. It’s simple to use, highly functional, and is so aesthetically pleasing that it’s actually joined the ranks of the Museum of Modern Art’s Design collection. The Cable Turtle is also available in a rainbow of colors, so you’ll never need to sacrifice self-expression for cable management.

2. Cableyoyo™ POP ($9.95) -- NOTE: This item is no longer available.

This one is bound to become your iPod’s new best friend. This miniature cord winder is equipped with a suction cup to keep it – and your earbuds – conveniently stuck to the back of your MP3 player. Perfect for on-the-go music lovers, the Cableyoyo™ POP keeps not-in-use earbud cords neatly wound around a concealed spool so they won’t get tangled as your iPod® bounces around a backpack, purse or briefcase – or hitches a ride on your armband.

3. EZ Wind Cable Organizer ($5.99)

EZWIND™ Cord OrganizerWe’ve all got them: the tangled extension cords that gather dust on the garage shelf or the closet floor. Why make yourself untangle the knots and shake the cobwebs out of poorly stored cables when you could just wind them around the EZWIND™ Cord Organizer to begin with? Featuring a design that’s perfectly geared toward organizing multiple cables, the EZWIND™ has 4 well-placed slots to hold the ends of coiled cords in place. This brilliantly simple spool can accommodate up to 150 feet of 16-gauge wire, and is also a smart solution for stowing out-of-season Christmas lights.

4. Metal Desk Grommets ($6.95)

metal desk grommetWhen it comes to protecting cables against abrasion as they pass through desktops and conference tables, black plastic grommets are the old standby. But if you find them to be a tad lackluster in the looks department, CableOrganizer.com carries a line of affordable and attractive metal desk grommets that are enough to put the twinkle back into any decorator’s eye. Available in 7 different finishes, these hard-working little beauties keep cables in top shape while lending an upscale appearance to your office furniture.

5. Yin & Yang Cable Winder ($2.49)

cable winderMost of us have an inner bohemian, and it’s time to let that hippie come out and play. Strike the perfect balance between organization and quirky fun with the Yin & Yang Cable Winder. One of our favorite devices for taming extra-long mouse cords, this creatively designed cable winder couldn’t be easier to use: just insert the offending cord into the slot, then twist the top to spool up excess length. Reversing the process to let out some slack is just as simple: grab the cord on both sides and lightly tug to unwind however much you need.

6. 3M Command Metal Hooks ($5.25 - $9.75)

3M bronze metal hookWe’re completely hung up on the sleek and timeless styling of these non-damaging Command metal hooks by 3M. It’s finally possible to enjoy the look of traditional wall-mounted hooks with none of drywall or paint damage. 3M’s revolutionary silicone adhesive has enough gripping power to hold anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds without the need for screws, nails or anchors, but the benefits don’t end there. When it’s time for the hooks to be removed, the adhesive releases without peeling your paint or leaving sticky residue behind.

7. Cable Caddy ($8.99)

How many times have you disconnected a cable, laid it carefully along the edge of your desk to await future use, and then heard (much to your chagrin) the sound of it suddenly landing on the floor behind your workstation? Getting down on your hands and knees to retrieved escaped cables is not a task to be envied, but look at the bright side: it’s not necessary, either. At least it isn’t if you have the Cable Caddy, a must-have desktop cable organizer that catches hold of cables and doesn’t allow their connectors to slip away when not attached to devices. When placed at the back of your work surface, the desktop cable caddy keeps cords untangled and out of the way, but always at the ready.

8. Loctite Power Grab on a Roll ($6.99)

Simply put, this just about the strongest tape you’ll ever come across. The almost magical double-sided adhesive known as Loctite’s Power Grab on a Roll is capable of incredible feats of strength – each 5-foot roll packs over 100 pounds of holding power. That comes out to 20 lbs/ft, or slightly more than 1-1/2 lbs per inch. Safe for both indoor and outdoor projects, we’ve seen it used for mounting everything from house numbers to coat hooks, but why stop there?

9. Cable Manager ($8.49)

wire managementWanted: cable management products that cope well with change. If you like your cables neatly bundled but often find yourself needing to switch them out, the flexible, infinitely reusable Cable Manager is the ideal candidate for the position. Sold in pairs, these colorful little spirals coil effortlessly around cord bundles, but can be easily undone and re-installed as frequently as you need to update your cables.