Industrial Label Makers

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The Benefit of Investing in an Industrial Label Maker

We all know that one person who likes to label everything. Whether it is at the office, at school, or at home - they take great care to label and code everything so it is easy to find. While many people think those kinds of people are out of their minds, the truth is that they know labelling works. It helps you to remember where things are, and you don't have to rely on your memory to find things or remember where they used to be.


The same applies when it comes to cable organization. At first, you may think it is an unnecessary extra step to label the things that need it, but trust us when we say it is one of the best things you can do. For that reason, we have a selection of industrial, thermal transfer, embossing, and professional labeling tools to help you figure out what is what.


What's with the Different Kinds of Label Makers?

At CableOrganizer.com we are all about variety so that we make sure to provide you with precisely the tools you need. For that reason, we have a number of different kinds of label makers. Here's a little breakdown of each and how they will work for you.


Industrial label printers have a built-in durable label cutter so that you can accomplish things fast. They have a touch screen, and you can actually view a mock-up of the label on-screen before you print it. This helps to avoid mistakes before you waste a perfectly good label. You can even design labels on your computer and connect a printer to produce them.


Thermal transfer printers can print on a number of different label sizes and the keyboard is fashioned after a normal computer keyboard to make it very easy to use. It's small enough to carry around with ease, and has smudge-proof technology so that it can resist some wear and tear.


The metal tape embosser creates labels that are permanent and made of aluminum and stainless steel. They are easy to use yet rugged at the same time as they are made from cast aluminum. This product was certainly thought-through as it has a built-in hole punch for creating labels that screw into place.


Finally, our industrial label maker can be used with a computer, and it has its own LCD display so that you can easily use it in dim lighting. It has a lot of memory - allowing it to store up to 1,000 labels at once. The printer is built to be tough and can withstand falling with shock absorption.

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