Bentley Harris® Roundit® 2000 EMI

Self-wrapping Sleeving for Fast & Easy Installation

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What's special about this EMI sleeving?

  • EMI/RFI Protection
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Self-wrapping
  • Lightweight construction
  • Operating temperature up to 125º C
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RoHS Compliant

Bentley Harris Roundit 2000 EMI combines the self wrapping and protection properties of original Roundit 2000 with EMI shielding and protection. This self-wrapping feature allows for easy, quick bundling of wire and cables that may need protection from EMI. EMI, or Electromagnetic Interference, is conducted energy that adversely affects circuit performance. The tinned copper drain wire is woven as an integral part of EMI protection. To protect against this interference and ensure proper performance or electronic equipment Roundit 2000 EMI can be used.

Part #Nominal SizeSpool LengthWeightPrice / Spool
RDTEMI03125/16"400 FT8.32 lbs
RDTEMI0501/2"275 FT9.38 lbs
RDTEMI0753/4"300 FT11.91 lbs
RDTEMI1001"250 FT12.20 lbs
  • EMI/RFI Protection
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Self-wrapping
  • Lightweight construction
  • Operating temperature up to 125º C

The material, made from weaving polyester and metallized nylon yarns, creates a product that offers high level of shielding protection while keeping the wrap lightweight and flexible. This durable, abrasion resistant, woven fabric of Roundit 2000 EMI provides reliable and long-term protection to cables that can’t be provided with foils or films.

*All Bentley Harris products are ROHS compliant and have an indefinite shelf life. ISO 14001 & TS16949 certified.

Roundit 2000 EMI - Performance Data

  Continuous Temperature Rating 125º C
MIL-C-85485A Shielding Effectiveness
1-30 MHz
30-250 MHz

26 dB minimum
20 dB minimum
BI100-016A Low Temperature Flexibility No degradation at -70º C
BI168-001 Breaking Strength Fluid Soak Retained 70% original breaking strength most fluid


Construction and Typical Product Characteristics

Warp ends: Tinned copper dual drain wire
Multifilament polyester
Silver plated multifilament
Fill ends: Multifilament/Monofilament polyester
Silver plated multifilament nylon

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