360 Electrical® Rotating Duplex Outlets

Innovative Plug-and-Turn Power Receptacle


What's special about these articulating power outlets?

  • Each plug rotates 360° to accommodate large adapters in both sockets, so you are free to plug in your devices where you want them without liberators, power strips, or extension cords that can be unsightly in some places
  • Snap-in, screw-less cover plate sports a sleek, contemporary look while greatly simplifying installation
  • 18-position locking mechanism ensures you will find a secure position for any adapter
  • Ideal for cell phones, mp3 players, bathroom appliances, and other devices with bulky chargers
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Today's small devices are getting smaller all the time, but their power adapters don't seem to be following suit. Rotating duplex receptacles from 360 Electrical® are the perfect solution to the problem of oversized adapters that overlap onto neighboring power outlets, and making them unusable. Each plug rotates a full 360°, safely accommodating 2 bulky adapters or standard plugs for maximum versatility.

Part #DescriptionColorsWeightPrice
36015 AMP Rotating Duplex OutletWhite, Almond0.45 lb
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  • Available in popular colors to fit your décor: Almond, Ivory, and White
  • 360° inner contacts keep current flowing during rotation for uninterrupted power transmission, even while you're turning an occupied outlet to accommodate another plug
  • Fits standard size electrical boxes for seamless upgrades
  • Green ground wire for easy identification, promoting proper installation for increased electrical safety

dimensional diagram for receptacle

0.96" (24.5 mm) 1.77" (45 mm) 3.28" (83.3 mm) 4.20" (106.8 mm) 2.72" (69 mm) 4.50" (114.2 mm)


Rating 15A 125V
NEMA Ratings 5-15R
UL Ratings UL 498
UL 514D
UL 94 V2


360 Rotating Outlets Specifications (PDF) PDF








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Questions & Answers


Is 360 degrees the max or is the rotation infinite in either direction? - Could this be used in an application that is turning infinitely - or, does this stop at 360 degrees before needing to turn back and be "un-wound"?

Asked by Anonymous user on 02.32 PM Monday, 30 June, 2014

  • - Thank you for your question. The outlet can turn infinitely counter clockwise.

    Fernando M. on 03.23 PM Monday, 30 June, 2014

is there a limit on amps of the rotating socket? wanting to use this for a freezer with 20 amp dedicated outlet. And plug a fridge and freezer with a 9 and 6 amp max draw. Want to be sure the rotation capability of the outlet compromises the gauge.

Asked by Anonymous user on 01.43 PM Thursday, 06 April, 2017

  • - Hello, This rotating outlet has a rating of 15Amps 125 volt I hope this helps.

    andrew b. on 04.29 PM Thursday, 06 April, 2017

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