Zippertubing® HotSpotz® II Heat Resistant Tape

A Versatile Wrapping Tape for High Heat Applications

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What's special about this insulating tape?

  • Aluminized woven fiberglass tape shields conduit and hoses from heat up to 350° F [177° C] for dependable protection under harsh conditions
  • Adhesive backing helps keep coil windings intact for the most secure installation
  • Aluminum outer layer also blocks out vapors and reflects radiant heat for increased reliability
  • Flexibility allows excellent coverage over large connectors, awkward shapes, and field repairs
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RoHS Compliant

HotSpotz® II aluminized fiberglass insulating tape provides superior spot protection to conduit, hoses, and pipes that regularly experience radiant heat buildups up to 350° F. This polymer coated, aluminum backed fiberglass tape easily wraps large, awkwardly connectors and also protects from vapor and moisture, reducing the risk of corrosion and rusting to materials.

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ZT02-03-001-1-50 1" 25' [7,62 m] 5.6 oz [158 g] DISCONTINUED

  • Best terminated with stainless steel cable ties for consistent heat resistance throughout the entire application
  • Can be placed anywhere along a hose or wire run, eliminating the need to disconnect lines before installation
  • Keeps fluid out to protect wrapped materials from rusting and corrosion
  • Ideal for many applications including wrapping hoses and wires in HVAC, automotive, and plumbing


Operating Temperature -40° to 350° F [-40° to 177° C]
Flexibility Low
Fluid Resistance Good
Material Adhesive-Back Aluminized Fiberglass Tape
Thickness 0.028" [0,711 mm]
Safety ASTM E-84
RoHS Compliant






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