WireWorld® Ultraviolet™ USB Cables

Break Data Speed Limits with USB 2.0 Cables


Low Price Guarantee DISCONTINUED

What's special about these digital audio cables?

  • Low profile USB connector and flat cable design for easy concealment along walls or baseboards
  • Contains less silver to save on cost, while still delivering surprising sound clarity
  • New engineering allows for longer cable runs of up to 16.5 ft (5 meters) while maintaining superb quality
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USB has become a standard connection in the home entertainment industry, and these days, you'll find it included in just about every peripheral on the market. WireWorld has developed the Ultraviolet USB cable to deliver distinct improvements in tone, quality, clarity, image focus, smoothness and dynamic range without breaking your budget. Uniquely designed, these USB connectors surpass all standards and provide the least amount of jitter available at each price level.


USB A to B
WCT-USB05M Ultraviolet USB A to B 20" (0.5 m) 0.15 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-USB10M Ultraviolet USB A to B 40" (1.0 m) 0.25 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-USB20M Ultraviolet USB A to B 6.5 ft (2.0 m) 0.50 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-USB30M Ultraviolet USB A to B 10 ft (3.0 m) 0.75 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-USB50M Ultraviolet USB A to B 16.5 ft (5.0 m) 1.25 lb DISCONTINUED
USB A to Mini B
WCT-USM05M Ultraviolet USB A to Mini B 20" (0.5 m) 0.15 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-USM10M Ultraviolet USB A to Mini B 40" (1.0 m) 0.25 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-USM20M Ultraviolet USB A to Mini B 6.5 ft (2.0 m) 0.50 lb DISCONTINUED
  • Available in USB Type A to USB Type B and/or Mini Type B to meet the most common connection needs
  • Unique design includes 4 conductors and an isolated power lead to achieve higher speeds that exceed USB standards
  • Proudly Made in the USA USA


Ideal for use on:

  • Digital Audio
  • Digital Video
  • Digital images/pictures
  • Any USB connectable peripheral


Property Value
Conductors Silver-plated, Oxygen Free-Copper
Design 4 Signal Conductor
Speed Exceeds USB 2.0 Specifications
Isolation Designed with Isolated Power Lead
Reach Up to 23 ft (7 m)
Profile Low, 3mm thick
Connection Type A plug to Type B
Type A plug to Mini B






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