WireWorld Terra 6 Audio Interconnect Cable

Boost Your Home Theater Dynamics


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What's special about these RCA cables?

  • Features flat Delineated Neutralizing Array™ (DNA) design for reducing electromagnetic loss, effectively improving signal quality
  • Molded, gold plated brass connectors for maximum signal transmission, corrosion-resistance and easy grasping during initial install or reconfiguration
  • Made with oxygen-free copper conductors for increased bass response
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WireWorld's Terra 6 interconnect cables are designed to enhance the quality and dynamics of your home theater audio system. Bring your movies and musical selections to life with these Terra 6 cables, which ensure a neutral, crisp sound that's free of excessive treble or bass.


Interconnect Cables
WCT-TEI10M Terra 6 Audio Interconnect Cable- 40inch (1.0m) 40 in. 2 RCA Male - 2 RCA Male DISCONTINUED
WCT-TEI15M Terra 6 Audio Interconnect Cable- 5ft (1.5m) 5 ft 2 RCA Male - 2 RCA Male DISCONTINUED
WCT-TEI20M Terra 6 Audio Interconnect Cable- 6.5ft (2.0m) 6.5 ft 2 RCA Male - 2 RCA Male DISCONTINUED
WCT-TEI30M Terra 6 Audio Interconnect Cable- 10ft (3.0m) 10 ft 2 RCA Male - 2 RCA Male DISCONTINUED
WCT-TEI60M Terra 6 Audio Interconnect Cable- 20ft (6.0m) 20 ft 2 RCA Male - 2 RCA Male DISCONTINUED
Y-Adapter Cables
WCT-TEIYMFF Terra 5² Y-Adapter Male to 2 Female 8 in. 1 RCA Male - 2 RCA Female DISCONTINUED

The Terra 5² Series is superceded by the Series 6, but utilize the same technology

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation preserves internal cable structure while providing resistance to heat
  • Flat design for easy concealment in conduit or under flooring
  • UL-CL2/CSA-FT4 rated for direct in-wall installation
  • Tightly bound conductors for preservation of signal dynamics


Cable Design: Flat Delineated Neutralizing Array (DNA)™
Conductor Material: Oxygen-Free copper (OFC)
Insulation: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Plug contacts: Gold plated brass
Jacket Material PVC
Connectors: Molded, gold/nickel plated brass
Available terminations 2 RCA - 2RCA, 1 Male RCA - 2 Female RCA, 1 Female RCA - 2 Male RCA





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