Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable

High-Speed, High Resolution HDTV and Ethernet


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What's special about these HDMI cables?

  • Unique Symmetricon™ 16-conductor design reduces attenuation and improves impedance uniformity far better than standard 12-conductor cables
  • Contains compact composite shields for improved conductivity and resistance to EMI and RFI
  • Flat structural design eliminates jitter caused by the conductor length differential in round cables, ensuring lossless data transmission
  • Silver, gold plated connectors for increased signal clarity and a reduction in return loss
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These Starlight® 6 HDMI cables feature innovative Symmetricon™ technology to supersede the HDMI version 1.4 10.2 Gbps transmission requirements in standard cable lengths. This makes them an ideal solution for 1080p systems traditionally requiring repeaters to maintain quality.


WCT-SHH03M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 1 FT 1FT (0.3 m) 1 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH10M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 40 in. 40in. (1.0 m) 1 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH20M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 6.5 FT 6.5FT (2.0 m) 1 lb DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH30M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 10 FT 10FT (3.0 m) 2 lbs DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH50M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 16.5 FT 16.5FT (5.0 m) 2 lbs DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH70M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 23 FT 23FT (7.0 m) 3 lbs DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH90M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 30 FT 30FT (9.0 m) 3 lbs DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH120M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 40 FT 40FT (12.0 m) 4 lbs DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH150M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 50 FT 50FT (15.0 m) 5 lbs DISCONTINUED
WCT-SHH200M Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable - 65.5 FT 65.5FT (20 m) 7 lbs DISCONTINUED
  • Original parallel conductor and internal repeater circuit design ensures high data transmission speeds and crisp, lifelike sounds and images even in longer cables, which would otherwise experience a loss in speed if they had the traditional round design
  • Flat design for flexibility and concealment under rugs and behind furniture to prevent tripping hazards
  • UL-CL3/FT4 rated for direct in-wall installation
  • Supports all current 3D formats for an enhanced, cutting-edge digital home theater experience


Conductor 24 AWG, Silver-clad Oxygen Free Copper
Insulation Gas-injected Polyethylene foam
Contacts 24k Gold/silver/Cu alloy
Connectors Die-cast zinc
- Cable Connector A: HDMI Male
- Cable Connector B: HDMI Male
Dimensions (WxT) Cable 18mm x 4.5mm
Dimensions (WxT) Connector 20mm x 10mm 
Maximum clock rate (MHz) 340
Deep Color 12-48 Bit
sRGB Yes
YCbCr Yes
8 channel LPCM, 192 kHz, 24 bit audio capability Yes
Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD video and audio at full resolution[F] Yes
Consumer Electronic Control (CEC)[G] Yes
DVD-Audio support Yes
Super Audio CD (DSD) support[H] Yes
xvYCC Yes
Auto lip-sync Yes
Dolby TrueHD bitstream capable Yes
DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable Yes
Updated list of CEC commands[I] Yes
3D Over HDMI Yes
Ethernet Channel Yes
Audio Return Channel Yes
4k x 2k Resolution Support Yes
Available lengths 0.3, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 9m, 12m*, 15m* & 20m*

* = These cables feature Active Eq. circuits. Cable direction MUST be observed for these cables to function properly, and to avoid damage.






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