WireWorld® Platinum Starlight® HDMI Cable

Delivering the Most Realistic Digital Home Theater Experience


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What's special about these home theater cables?

  • Made with Ohno Continuous Cast silver conductors, this cable eliminates all perceivable signal loss and delivers the most faithful audio and video possible
  • Unlike copper HDMI cables, silver can be run much longer distances without loss of integrity, granting you the freedom to install your components where you want them
  • Flat, 24-conductor DNA Helix™ design significantly reduces jitter & attenuation and provides impedance uniformity for crisp, clear picture
  • Recommended for use with high-end home theater equipment, but compatible with any HDMI device
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When building a high-end home theater, the last thing you want to do is allow one compromise to degrade the quality of your experience. Not all HDMI cables are created equal, and it gets no better than the Platinum Starlight® from WireWorld. Featuring 24 pure silver conductors for speedy, lossless signal transmission, these premium digital A/V cables deliver the most immersive home theater experience obtainable.


WCT-PSH03M 0.98 ft (0.3 m) 0.12 lbs (0.05 kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH10M 3.28 ft (1.0 m) 0.42 lbs (0.19 kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH20M 6.56 ft (2.0 m)  0.84 lbs (0.38 kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH30M 9.84 ft (3.0 m) 1.26 lbs (0.57 kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH50M 16.4 ft (5.0 m) 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH70M 22.9 ft (7.0 m) 2.94 lbs (1.33 kgs) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH90M 29.52 ft (9.0 m) 3.78 lbs (1.71 kgs) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH120M* 39.37 ft (12.0 m)* 5.04 lbs (2.29 kgs) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH150M* 49.21 ft (15.0 m)* 6.3 lbs (2.86 kgs) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PSH200M* 65.62 ft (20.0 m)* 8.4 lbs (3.81 kgs) DISCONTINUED

*Cables marked with an asterisk contain active circuits that help retain integrity over long distances. The cables will be marked with arrows that indicate the proper signal direction. Please be sure to read the instructions on the packaging for these cables.

  • Supports Ethernet over HDMI, 3D, and HD4K, ensuring you will be covered throughout many years of technological advancement
  • Carbon fiber boot greatly increases durability and corrosion resistance, and provides strain relief for longer cable life
  • UL-CL3/FT4 rated for creating clean, hidden in-wall and in-ceiling installs
  • Quality made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty, ensuring a safe investment USA


Conductors Ohno Continuous Cast Silver
Wire Guage 24 AWG
Insulation Gas-injected Polyethylene foam
Contacts Silver and Gold
Plug Carbon Fiber
Dimensions (Width x Thickness) Cable: 0.70" W x 0.17" T (18mm x 4.5 mm)
Plug: 0.79" W x 0.39" T (20 mm x 10 mm)






Luna 6WireWorld Luna 6 Audio Interconnect Cables
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5.2 power conditioning cablesWireWorld Series 5.2 Power Conditioning Cables™
From / 1 meter (3.28 ft)
Perfect for both audio and video equipment, these cables feature composite resonance-dampening insulation and low-impedance shields, which filter EMI/RFI noise to improve signal quality for the best A/V experience possible.


Latching Duct RacewayWireHider® Latching Duct Raceway System
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Fixed Monitor MountsFixed Monitor Mounts
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