WireWorld® Platinum Eclipse® Speaker Cable

Pure Silver Conductors for Unmatched Signal Purity


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What's special about these audiophile cables?

  • 18 conductor Diagonal DNA™ design with pure silver conductors neutralizes negative electromagnetic field effects, delivering a pure signal to your speakers for brilliant audio reproduction
  • Comes factory-terminated with your choice of any combination of silver spade connectors or silver banana plugs, ensuring your application will be accommodated
  • Recommended for connecting boutique home theater audio equipment and speakers
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When it comes to audiophile sound, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Platinum Eclipse® speaker cables from WireWorld® feature 18 high-purity silver conductors, stacked per WireWorld’s unique Diagonal DNA™ design for unfiltered signal transmission. Unlike conventional cables that often break at the plug, this cable features a carbon fiber boot with heat shrink sealed connectors for maximum durability. Consider these premium speaker cables a safe investment, as they are guaranteed to deliver to you a lifetime of realistic and completely immersive audio.


Standard Wiring
WCT-PES2M Silver Spade Connectors or Silver Banana Plugs 6.56ft (2m) 3lbs (1.36kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PES25M 8.20ft (2.5m) 3.5lbs (1.58kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PES3M 9.84ft (3m) 4lbs (1.81kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PES5M 16.4ft (5m) 6lbs (2.72kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PES6M 19.6ft (6m) 7lbs (3.17kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PEB2M Silver Spade Connectors or Silver Banana Plugs 6.56ft (2m) 3lbs (1.36kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PEB25M 8.20ft (2.5m) 3.5lbs (1.58kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PEB3M 9.84ft (3m) 4lbs (1.81kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PEB5M 16.4ft (5m) 6lbs (2.72kg) DISCONTINUED
WCT-PEB6M 19.6ft (6m) 7lbs (3.17kg) DISCONTINUED
  • Two wiring options available:
  • Standard wiring for great audiophile sound from any sound system
  • Bi-Wiring for maximizing the potential of your home theater audio system for the ultimate experience
  • Flat, wide profile will not tangle with other cables, greatly assisting in your cable management efforts
  • Die-cast metal boot and heat shrink sealed breakout resists breakage and provides strain relief for the most secure connections
  • High-density polypropylene insulation protects from puncture, chemicals, and other factors that may compromise the cable’s condition
  • Proudly Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty, ensuring a safe investment USA


Property Value
Conductors Ohno Continuous Cast Solid Silver
Internal Cables 18 (single, bi-wire & tri-wire)
Insulation High density polyethylene
Gauge 9 AWG - 5.4mm2
Dimensions 1.77"D x 0.27"T
T = thickness

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