HDMI Cables

Wireworld Island 6 HDMI Cable

Island 6 Series HDMI Cable
Great for use with HDTVs, high-def gaming systems, digital media players and PCs, these HDMI 1.4 cables deliver crisp, clear video and audio at Ethernet speeds, and have a flat, low-profile design for easy concealment.

Ultraviolet HDMI Cable

Ultraviolet™ 6 HDMI 1.4 Cable
Ideal for home theater enthusiasts who want high quality sound and image reproduction from low-profile wiring, these HDMI cables feature a flat design with shielded oxygen-free copper conductors and gold-plated connectors for uninterrupted transmission.

Starlight HDMI Cable

Starlight® 6 HDMI Cable
Designed to deliver crisp, lifelike sounds and images for you home theater experience, these high-speed HDMI cables feature a flat 16-conductor format that is shielded against interference and reduces signal return loss.

Platinum Starlight HDMI Cables

Platinum Starlight® HDMI Cables
Perfect for making the most of high-end home theater equipment, this line of HDMI cables features a DNA Helix™ design with 24 oxygen-free pure silver conductors for clear, crisp pictures and completely immersive sound quality.

Starlight HDMI Cable

Chroma 6 HDMI 1.4 Cable
Designed with a flat body that features oxygen-free copper conductors, gold-plated contacts and an extra drain wire for every shield pair, this low-profile HDMI 1.4 cable delivers high-integrity audio and video at a reasonable price.

Audio/Video Cables

WireWorld video cable, Chroma 5

Chroma 5 Series Video Cables
Built to deliver the highest quality analog audio and video possible, these oxygen-free copper cables are available in component video, VGA, BNC and RCA formats to accommodate almost any analog-equipped component.

Terra 6 Audio Interconnect Cables

Terra 6 Audio Interconnect Cables
Designed to boost the sound quality and dynamics of home theater audio, this cable features a flat design that reduces EMI loss, corrosion-resistant gold plated connectors for maximum signal transmission, and oxygen-free conductors for better bass response.

WireWorld Luna 6 Audio Interconnect Cables

Luna 6 Audio Interconnect Cables
Featuring Gold Tube™ connectors and parallel conductors, these audio cables are engineered for extra conductivity and resistance to EMI, so that you can experience the most dynamic sound quality possible.

WireWorld Equinox 6 Cables

Equinox 6 Cables
Perfect for delivering home theater sound with well-preserved timbre, spatiality and dynamics, these audio cables feature oxygen-free contacts, a helical design and OCC copper conductors for better stereo imaging and less crosstalk.

Platinum Starlight Audio Cables

Platinum Starlight® 100 Ohm Balanced Digital Audio Cables
Perfect for use with high-end home theater components and professional recording equipment, these fully-shielded cables feature solid silver conductors to simulate a direct connection, and have a DNA Helix™ design that minimizes phase shift and noise.

Speaker Cables

WireWorld Horizon Speaker Cable

Horizon5²® Speaker Cable
Perfect for in-wall use or easy concealment along white walls and ceilings, this flat speaker wire features oxygen-free copper conductors for excellent sound quality, and has a parallel wire configuration that works well over longer distances.

speaker cables

Stream™ 16/2 Speaker Cables
From / 6.5 FT
Designed to deliver more dynamic sound with less electromagnetic loss, these high-density audio cables feature oxygen-free flattened conductors the deliver the highest fidelity audio for their price range.

Oasis® 6 Hi-Fi Speaker Cable

Oasis® 6 Hi-Fi Speaker Cable
Made with stacked oxygen-free copper conductors for lossless sound reproduction, these home theater audio cables are sealed with factory-installed heat shrink for strain relief and easy connection to receivers.

Luna Speaker Cable

Luna® 16/4 Hi-Fi Speaker Cable
Designed to deliver the best possible audio quality for mid-range A/V components, this cable features a DNA-helix conductor configuration that neutralizes EMI loss to keep the integrity of audio signals for high quality sound reproduction.

Equinox® 6 Speaker Cable

Equinox® 6 Speaker Cable
From / 6.56 FT
Ideal for use in high-end home theaters, car audio and non-plenum commercial audio applications, this speaker cable features oxygen-free copper wire and a quad-conductor helix design to eliminate EMI-related hissing for pure sound reproduction.

WireWorld Platinum Eclipse Speaker Cable

Platinum Eclipse® Speaker Cable
From / 6.56 FT
Designed for use with boutique home theater and audio systems, these audiophile-grade cables feature 18 pure silver conductors for brilliant sound reproduction, and are factory-terminated with the silver connectors of your choice.

Power Cables

WireWorld Power Cables

Series 5.2 Power Conditioning Cables™
From / 1 meter (3.28 ft)
Perfect for both audio and video equipment, these cables feature composite resonance-dampening insulation and low-impedance shields, which filter EMI/RFI noise to improve signal quality for the best A/V experience possible.

WireWorld Matrix Power Cord Extender

"The Matrix" Shielded Power Cord Extender
Ideal for home theater and server racks alike, this rack-mountable, shielded PDU features 7 outlets to power sensitive electronics while protecting them from performance-robbing EMI and RFI.

USB Digital Cables

USB cables

Ultraviolet™ USB Cables
Perfect for connecting peripherals to your PC or home theater system, these cables combine a unique flat, 4-conductor design with an isolated power lead to deliver data transfer speeds that exceed USB 2.0 standards and allow for longer cable runs.


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