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applications of braided sleeving


applications of braided sleeving


applications of braided sleeving


Then it comes to wire and cable management, there are always quite a few possible solutions for each application. With that said, braided sleeving is often a first choice for those looking to tame the clutter and confusion of an unsightly and dangerous cable mess.

Much of the reputation of cable sleeves hinges comes from its versatility. Whether you need some basic wrap around sleeving or a high temperature fiberglass sleeving, there is a solution out there to fit your needs.

Cable management with braided sleevingUnmatched ease-of- use is another factor that keeps braided sleeving on the brains of cable organizers everywhere. Cables are simply pushed through the sleeving, and even the stiffest silicon sleeving is flexible enough for hassle-free routing.

First you must determine what you need. Are you merely managing the cables, or do you also need to protect them as well?

For basic cable management, our expandable sleeving PET sleeving is a very popular choice. For something like home theater or computer cables which may change often, try a wrap-around (side-entry) sleeving.

After that, your options definitely open up a bit!

braided header wrap applicationIf you’re an automotive enthusiast, chances are you’re going for management, protection, and great looks. Thermo-Sleeve, Thermoshield, and several others provide the thermal insulation, puncture resistance, and show-worthy looks that this application demands. To extend the life of your headers and exhaust pipes, apply header wrap.

Stainless steel sleeving is also a great option for protection and looks good in automobiles.

If your application calls for high temperature sleeves, what you need depends on the application. For the heaviest industrial situations, go for fiberglass sleeving. Some of these thermal sleeves can handle temperatures well over 2000°F!

For less than extreme conditions, check out our flame retardant sleeve section. There, you’ll find sleevings of various builds and tolerances, such as makes that double as abrasion resistant sleevings.

We hope this guide has been helpful in getting you started! Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-222-0030 if you need assistance making your selection. Our friendly, helpful staff is standing by.


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