General Purpose Wire Loom

Split Wire Loom

Wire Loom

Colored Wire Loom
From / per ft
Organize home and office cords and protect them from abrasion, friction and gnawing pets with our colorful split wire loom - available in 12 colors and 11 sizes to fit almost any need you have.

convoluted tubing

HOSA Corrugated Wire Loom
From / per 10 ft
Pre-slit HOSA tube slips right over home, office, music and vehicle cables to keep them neat, hide them from sight, and protect them from abrasion. Cut with scissors to whatever length you need.

orange panduit wire loom

Panduit Polyethylene Slit Corrugated Loom Tubing
From / per 10 ft
Ideal for use with home theater, computer and power cables, this ridged tubing routes, conceals and organizes cables in one easy step, is split along its length for fast installation, and stands up to mild and moderate impact to prevent cables from being crushed.

bulk corrugated split tubing

Bulk Wire Loom
From / per 300 ft
Bulk wire loom not only provides you with the larger quantities you need for big cable management jobs, but also gives you the benefit of deeper discounts. Available in quantities from 100 - 3,200 feet.

corrugated tubing pull box

Split Wire Loom Dispenser Boxes
From / 100 ft per box
Designed to neatly store wire loom when it's not in use and help you dispense it easily when needed, this box of corrugated loom has a built-in spool that turns freely, but keeps the flexible conduit coiled, organized, and out of your way.

Non-Slit Wire Loom

solid wire loom tubing

Panduit Polyethylene (PE) Solid Corrugated Loom Tubing
From / per 100 ft
Panduit's solid-wall tubing provides better protection than spiral wrap or braided sleeving, and keeps cables in marine, automotive and a variety of other environments safe from crushing and abrasion.


Wire Loom Clips and Outlets

Wire Loom Clips and Outlets
From each
Take wire loom cable management to the next level with the addition of wire loom clips and outlets, which give you the ability to mount the tubing or create secure cable-breakout ?intersections? with ease./p>

Wire Loom connector

Wire Loom T-connector
Price each
Easily route cables in the directions they need to go with our wire loom tees. These snap-on connectors let you create instant 3-way wire loom intersections, so that cable breakout points aren't left unprotected or vulnerable to damage.

wire loom tool

Wire Loom Installation Tool
The fastest way to get your cables into and out of split wire loom - just wrap the tool around the cords you want to cover, insert it into the tubing, and zip the cables in.

alternate wire loom tool

Yellow Wire Loom Installation Tool
The ultimate cable-management time saver - lets you zip cables into split wire loom in just seconds, and protects your fingers from fatigue and abrasion. Free with any wire loom or split wrap purchase.

Locking Clamps

Hinged Locking Clamps
From per 1,000
Hinged Locking Clamps provide optimum grip to hold wire loom or conduit firmly even in environments with significant vibration. Hinge is designed to withstand repeated use making it perfect for use in mechanized and automotive industries.



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