Specialty Wire loom

ThermoFlex, thermo-flex, heat shield

Thermo-Flex Heat Shield
From / per 3 ft
This strong, lightweight material can be bent and flexed for use in just about any application. The abrasion-resistant material provides thermal insulation to hoses and wiring and can withstand temperatures up to 750°F. Available in lengths of 3 or 10 feet for your convenience.

Thermo Sleeve

Thermo Sleeve
From / per 3 ft
Reflect over 90% radiant heat, can withstand temperatures up to 2000° F, Mylar foil and fiberglass fabric construction

ConvoShield, Bentley-Harris sleeving

Bentley-Harris ConvoShield™
From / per 3 ft
Designed to provide thermal protection for components in radiant heat environments. Bentley Harris sleeving is composed of a nylon copolymer base substrate and a highly reflective coating, this product provides protection for wires, cables, and hoses in applications that have heat source temperatures as high as 500°C (1000°F).

Plenum Convoluted Raceway

Plenum Convoluted Raceway
From / per 250 ft
CableOrganizer.com Plenum and Riser raceways are ideal for installations requiring plenum or riser-rated materials. CableDuct PL exceeds the UL 2024A (formerly UL 910 Steiner tunnel test) requirement for fire and smoke release, and conforms to NEC 2002 Section 770 and 800.

Riser Convoluted Raceway, riser wire loom

Riser Convoluted Raceway
From / per 250 ft
A raceway marked "Riser" is suitable for installation in risers when used to enclose optical fiber cable marked OFNP and OFNR or communications cable marked CMP, CMP-OF, CMR or CMR-OF.

non-metallic tubing

Carlon Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing
From / per 100 ft
Resi-Gard provides an easier way of distributing cabling from a main distribution panel to a secondary hub and other locations where low voltage wiring may be needed. Riser-Gard is a nonmetallic flexible raceway that is used to manage and protect cables in riser applications.

PTFE Tubing

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Convoluted Tubing
From / per ft
This military specification flexible convoluted tubing manufactured from a variety of materials can be used in a wide variety of environments, and is produced to Mil Specs MIL-T-81914/ variants 1-6 in both standard and extra flexible.

kwikpath accessories, tools

Kwikpath Accessories
Kwikpath Fittings reduce the need for pulling long runs of raceway around awkward twists and turns and tight spaces. The various connections and innovative y-coupler allow you to easily branch off raceway into different directions with out removing existing cabling. They make the communications raceway easy to handle and install and are a great labor savings


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