Wire Loom Installation Tools, Clips

wire loom clips and outlets

Wire Loom Clips and Outlets
These wire loom routing accessories are a must for any large job. Rosebud clips provide push mounting and the end clips hold the loom secure at each end. The outlets are ideal for rerouting one or 2 cables and hold split loom together to avoid the other cables bursting through.

wire loom tee connector

Wire Loom Tee-Connectors
Secures odd-angled tubing and wires. They are widely used in automotive, construction, and industry.

Panduit wire loom fitting

Panduit Polypropylene Corrugated Wire Loom Fitting
Are you looking a secure way to join corrugated loom tubing at junctions and breakouts? Panduit offers a line of Polypropylene Corrugated Loom Tubing Fittings that improve the appearance of your system while protecting your wires. Sold individually or in packages of 25 0r 100, these wire loom fittings are RoHS compliant to guarantee quality and safety.

Feed Master Wire Loom Installation Tool, FM2-WLT

Feed Master® Wire Loom Installation Tool
Designed to speed the insertion of cables into wire loom and protect your fingers in the process, this installation tool is built to glide through even small-diameter loom, and is ideal for right- or left-handed use.

Wire Loom installation tool

Wire Loom Installation Tool
The wire loom installation tool makes it very easy to run cables and wires through your split loom tubes. Simply wrap the tool around the wires and then run them through the tube. Nothing could be easier.

yellow wire loom installation tool

Yellow Wire Loom Installation Tool
Protects cables while sliding them into place. Saves time and makes your efforts more efficient. Installs cable in a breeze. Essentially tames your loom so you can tame your cable.

Locking Clamps

Hinged Locking Clamps
From per 1,000
Hinged Locking Clamps provide optimum grip to hold wire loom or conduit firmly even in environments with significant vibration. Hinge is designed to withstand repeated use making it perfect for use in mechanized and automotive industries.


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