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CableOrganizer.com Wiring Duct provides a convenient way to channel wire or cable. Made of high impact rigid PVC, it is available in gray, white, black or blue. Our Wiring Duct is always supplied with covers, but covers are also sold separately.
We offer the following accessories to make installation and wire management easier.

wire duct accessories


10" Multi Cutter

Our Wiring Duct cutter consists of an easy-grip handle, and a Heavy-duty stainless steel blade for cutting of smooth, burr-free edges on both the duct and cover. It has an improved design which provides decrease cutting force and longer tool life.

  • Complete with 2 cutting boards that enables you to make straight and 45° angle cuts on all Wiring Duct and Plastic Raceway
  • Cut Plastic Conduit/ Spiraled Flexible Conduit
  • Patented design reduces cutting effort by up to 30%
  • Longer Carbon Steel replaceable blade
  • Safety lock latch

Wire Duct Cutter

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Cutter shown with accessories

Ordering Information

Part # Description Price
WDCUT 10" Wire Duct Cutter
Multi Cutter WT-2



Wire Retainers

A simple to use wire retainer that mounts on the duct fingers. Has predetermined scorelines so that "one size fits all". The TR1 and the TR1-E can be used on the 6", 4", 3", 2-1/4" and 1-1/2" T1 and builder during initial panel wiring and maintenance operation.

retainers on wire duct

close up of wire retainers


Ordering Information

Part # Description Pack Quantity Price / Pack
WDWRNS Wire Retainers for Narrow Slot 50  
WDWROS Wire Retainers for Open Slot 50  



PVC Dividers

Our Wiring Duct dividers/separators allow for the physical separation of circuits with different voltages and/or functions. They are made from the same rigid PVC as the duct.

PVC Dividers

PVC Dividers - Ordering Information

Part # Duct Height CARTON QUANTITY
No. of Lengths 6 1/2' each
Total Feet Weight
lbs (kg)
Price / Carton
WDDIVID-150 1 1/2"
4 26 5 (2.5)  
WDDIVID-200 2" 4 26 6.5 (3)  
WDDIVID-300 3" 4 26 6.6 (3)  
* Washers Included


PVC Covers - Ordering Information

No. of Lengths 6 1/2' each
Total Feet Weight
lbs (kg)
Price / Carton
WDC050 1/2" 12 78 2.25 (1)  
WDC075 3/4" 12 78 3 (1)  
WDC100 1" 12 78 4.5 (2)  
WDC150 1 1/2" 12 78 4.5 (2)  
WDC200 2" 12 78 6.6 (3)  
WDC300 3" 12 78 8 (4)  
WDC400 4" 6 39 8.8 (4)  
WDC500 5" 6 39 11 (5)  



Washers, Rivets and Rivetters

Our rivets are made of Polyamide 6. They install quickly with the rivet tool or gun and can be mounted to all sorts of wiring ducts with standard mounting holes.


  • Hole size: 5/32" (4mm) small blue rivets, 7/32" (5.5mm) natural rivets
  • Elastic vibration - dampening head
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Excellent mechanic properties
  • Extremely short installation time
  • Insulating, functional, easy to apply

rivet gun and rivet tool


Washers/Rivets - Ordering Information

Part # Description Carton Quantity Price / Carton
WDWASH Washers 50  
WDRIVS Rivets (Small) 250  
WDRIVL Rivets (Large) 250  
WDRIVTL Rivetter (Large - Yellow) 1  
WDRIVTS Rivetter (Small - Red) 1  


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