Wire Duct Mounting Rivets and Rivet Tools

Quickly and Easily Mount and Secure Your Wire Duct Solution

Wire Duct Rivetters and Rivets

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Wire Duct Mounting Rivets and Rivet Tools

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these wire duct mounting solutions?

  • Rivets and rivet tools work in conjunction to provide you with a complete mounting system for your open, narrow and solid wall wiring duct
  • Universal design can be utilized with a variety of manufacturers' mounting holes
  • Simple push and plug design means that installation can be completed by just one installer, which results in lower labor costs
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Mounting your cable duct can be an awkward and time-consuming task.  Trying to juggle a holding a lengthy piece of PVC, line up a screw and use a screwdriver or drill all at the same time can often lead to damage or inconsistencies. With Wire Duct Rivets and Tools, you can simply measure your mounting holes along the wall, pre-drill the holes, and easily push rivets into place.

  • Riveting tools ease the hand fatigue that can be caused by manually pushing rivets into mounting holes manually
  • Made of Polyamide 6 to resist damage from elevated temperatures
  • Rivets feature a dampening head that can resist force to help prevent damage
  • Use with insulated washers to protect your wire duct or wall from damage from rivet tool impact


Which tool do I use?

  • WDRIVS (Blue) rivet uses the WDRIVTS (Red) tool
  • WDRIVL (Natural) rivet uses the WDRIVTL (Yellow) tool


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Material Polyamide 6
Color Blue Natural
Hole Size 5/32" (4mm) 7/32" (5.5mm)
WDRIVS Rivets (SMALL) Blue 250
WDRIVL Rivets (LARGE) Natural 250
Riveting Tools
WDRIVTS Rivetter (SMALL) Red 1
WDRIVTL Rivetter (LARGE) Yellow 1
WDWASH Insulated Washers Clear 50

Economical open slot wiring duct in various sizesEconomical Wiring Duct
Made of heat-resistant PVC (up to 85°C). Two meter (6.6 ft) length fits most computer cabinets. Covers included on all orders

Narrow SlotNarrow Slot Wiring Duct
Ideal for use with slimmer terminal blocks where more access is required. Improves appearance of panels with cables out in best position. Comes in 20 sizes in a choice of gray, white or black.


Closed Slot, WDCS-200-400Closed Slot Wiring Duct
Excellent cable retention and enhanced protection for installers. Comes in 20 sizes in a choice of gray, white or black. UL, CSA and Lloyds Reg. approved.

WDNOR-OS-200-200Noryl Wiring Duct
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