ChordSavers™ WallSaver™ Wall Cord Protectors

Offers Top of the Line Protection and Looks Good Doing It

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WallSaver™ Wall Cord Protectors

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about WallSavers™?

  • PVC body offers protection and allows for easy drilling on the base for easy mounting
  • Wide channel holds up to (8) 1/4" cables
  • 3 feet sections interconnect to any desired length
  • Snap-on cover comes out easily for maintenance
  • Wood finish and 6 colors available
  • Use with double sided tape for extra firm grip
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WallSavers™ offer a new solution, protecting your cables on the wall with an outstanding decorative look. Designed to resist any type of impact that may occur while installed on the wall, the hard PVC body makes it resistant to pretty much anything it may encounter. This cord cover can be mounted using screws through the base or double sided tape on the back. Easy to mount and maintain while giving the room an exquisite touch.

  • Wide body design to hold large amount of cables, up to 8 standard 1/4" cables
  • Beautiful decorative design
  • Seamless, only color finish shows
  • Hard PVC body, very resistant


2-1/2" 36" 1" 1.2 lbs
Single Protector
CHS-WAL-IND Solid Cover (for Black & White only)
Wood Grain Cover
Black, White, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Cherry Oak, Stainable 1 1.2 lb
Pack of 5 Protectors
CHS-WAL Solid Cover (for Black & White only)
Wood Grain Cover
Black, White, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Cherry Oak, Stainable 5 6 lbs


DST10 Double Sided Tape 3/4" 10' Transparent
10 ft.
SBV-RH100 Rubber-Based Adhesive Sticky Back® Velcro Hook 88 1" 1' Transparent
per Foot
StudioSavers Cord ProtectorChordSavers™ StudioSaver™ Cord Protectors
StudioSavers™ are a one of a kind item for protection and management of your wires. Made from thick PVC material they are able to withstand heavy foot traffic as well as small transport traffic such as office chairs, equipment cases and carts, cabinets, etc.
Loctite Power Grab on a RollLoctite Power Grab on a Roll
Loctite Power Grab on a Rolls incredibly strong adhesive allows you to adhere just about anything. Strong acrylic adhesive withstands high temperatures for outdoor use.
Latching cable raceways 1-Piece Latching Raceways
From ea.
Non metallic wiring management systems such as cable raceways are a functional, affordable, attractive solution for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial as well as residential environments.
Solid Wall Wire MoldingSolid Wall Wireduct
Ideal for applications where break-outs are not required or side wall access is infrequent. Solid Wall Wire Duct gives complete cable protection and is composed of self extinguishing PVC, with a service temperature: +5ºF to +140ºF (-15ºC to +60ºC), and standard base slots to DIN 43659.

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