SilverStar™ 3D-A Projection Screen

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SilverStar projection screen

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SilverStar™ Projection Screen

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this high definition video screen?

  • Delivers highly vivid colors and picture quality to give the ultimate HD, 2D, or 3D home theater experience
  • Utilizes 3D-A, a patented metallic-based technology, to drastically increase color while expanding contrast in any lighting environment
  • Wide viewing cone (180°) allows for accurate reproduction when viewed from all angles
  • Excellent choice for home theaters, retail displays, command and control (NOC) areas, and worship or educational environments
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The SilverStar™ 3D-A High Gain Projection screen is a rigid, bevel-framed, wall-mounted projection screen that achieves high 6.0 gain, high contrast and color accuracy with high ambient light rejection. It's the ultimate solution for dedicated theaters and for casual applications when ambient light cannot be controlled. Perfect for use with LCD, DLP, CRT or slide projectors in professional, home theater, commercial, presentation, and display applications, as well as schools and houses of worship. Available in multiple sizes and aspect ratios, it is shipped pre-assembled and can be easily bracketed to any wall.

  • High gain (6.0), contrast, and ambient light rejection lead to an image with more quality, contrast and a wider viewing angle
  • Outstanding color reproduction
  • Frame for all screens is 1.5” extruded aluminum covered black velvet
  • The screens can multiplexed for larger presentations
  • Includes mounting hardware and installation instructions



  • Tubular stand legs
  • Custom sizes


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Projection Screens

Frame 1.5" wide, 1/16th thick aluminum alloy type 6063-T5
Standard Finish Flat black powder coated
Optional Finish Black Velvet covered frame
Mounting Wall mount brackets, 0.065" thick steel
Surface SilverStar silver based multi-layer
Characteristics 6.0 gain, 180 degree viewing cone
Features No color shift, increased color saturation, no hot spotting
Supplied Accessories Mounting Bracket Set & mounting screws
Design Features Framed rigid, wall-mounted SilverStar is shipped pre-assembled and ready to mount. Simple to keep clean

Please Note: These products ship in 5 to 7 business days

4:3 Aspect
VPS-SS-43-57 72" [182.9 cm] 43.25" x 57.5"
[110 x 146 cm]
46.25" x 60.5"
[117.5 x 153.7 cm]
103 lbs
VPS-SS-46-62 78" [198.1 cm] 46.75" x 62.25"
[119 x 158 cm]
49.75" x 65.25"
[126.4 x 165.7 cm]
110 lbs
VPS-SS-50-67 84" [213.4 cm] 50.5" x 67.25"
[128 x 171 cm]
53.5" x 70.25"
[135.9 x 178.4 cm]
120 lbs
VPS-SS-59-78 100" [254.0 cm] 59' x 78.5"
[149.9 x 199.4 cm]
62" x 81.5"
[157.5 x 207.0 cm]
148 lbs
16:9 Aspect
VPS-SS-45-80 92" [233.7 cm] 45" x 80"
[114 x 203 cm]
48" x 83"
[121.9 x 210.8 cm]
122 lbs
VPS-SS-50-90 103" [261.6 cm] 50.5" x 90"
[128 x 228.6 cm]
53.5" x 92.75"
[135.9 x 235.6 cm]
151 lbs
VPS-SS-54-96 110" [279.4 cm] 54" x 96"
[137 x 244 cm]
57" x 99"
[144.8 x 251.5 cm]
165 lbs
VPS-SS-59-105 120" [304.8 cm] 59" x 105"
[149.9 x 266.7 cm]
62" x 108"
[157.5 x 274.3 cm]
186 lbs

For more sizes and aspect ratios (1:1, 2.35:1) please contact us at or 866-222-0030

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