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Plug Bug

Plug-Bug Tester
Ideal for both home DIY and professional electrical work, this pocket-sized, light-up tester plugs into GFCI receptacles to identify common wiring problems in just seconds.

triplett sniff-it type 2 9601

Sniff-It 2 AC Voltage Dectector
The Sniff-It 2 AC Voltage Detector is an economical and compact way to check for AC voltage. The Sniff-It 2 is safe and easy to use as it detects AC Voltage without making direct contact with live wires. The adjustable sensitivity variables from 5 to 600 Volts AC make this the perfect solution for just about any job.

ProTemp PT12 Thermometer

ProTemp 12 Thermometer
The ProTemp is a hand-held, battery-operated sensor that safely and accurately measures temperature using non-contact infrared technology. Operation of the ProTemp is simple. Just point the sensor at the desired target, and press and hold the "on" button for a temperature reading, no contact is needed.



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