Triplett CobraCam™ Wi-Fi Inspection Camera

A Feature-Packed Wireless Borescope for Modern Mobile Professionals

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What's special about this wireless inspection camera?

  • Uses an extended camera to retrieve video from hard to reach areas such as piping/drains, inside walls, and more
  • Runs the video feed to multiple smartphones or tablets, eliminating the need for expensive external screens
  • Remote viewing up to 60 ft. with easy mobility allows you to monitor possibly dangerous areas without being in harm's way
  • Includes a 3 ft. adjustable LED wand; 6 ft. and 10 ft. LED wands are available to see clearly into less accessible areas in any lighting
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The CobraCam™ 8120 Wi-Fi by Triplett is fully-loaded with convenient features that greatly simplify jobs for the modern technician. This wireless inspection camera streams video to multiple smartphones or tablets within a 60 ft radius, making it great for crews that need to work on a job from different angles. Its downloadable software is available for both Android™ and Apple™ devices, and makes it easy to save and share the video for distribution amongst fellow workers and customers.

TR-8120 Triplett CobraCam™ WiFi 8120 Inspection Camera, Hook, Mirror, Magnet, 3.25 ft Camera Wand, USB Charging Cable, BNC Input Cable, Video Output Cable, Case, Instruction Manual 640 x 480 3.0 lbs DISCONTINUED



TR-CC2-CAM3FM 3 Foot Triplett CobraCam™ Wand 640 x 480 0.45 lb
TR-CC2-CAM6F 6 Foot Triplett CobraCam™ Wand 320 x 240 0.90 lb
TR-CC2-CAM10F 10 Foot Triplett CobraCam™ Wand 320 x 240 1.35 lbs

  • Additional wands may be connected to extend your reach up to 100 ft. for a greatly improved inspection range
  • RCA video output lets you connect the camera to an external monitor if desired
  • Photos and videos may be saved and shared with customers and colleagues via email, text message, or social media using the Apple or Android software
  • The camera may be attached to a surveillance camera via BNC to view footage or make line-of-sight adjustments
  • USB charging port and included cable lets you re-energize the unit with a USB charger, USB receptacle, or other USB power source
  • Water-resistant casing and waterproof wand (up to main connector) allows you to use this camera in wet conditions (do not submerge)
  • Contoured, rubberized grip increases comfort when working long hours


Resolution 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
Diameter 0.39" [9,9 mm]
Length 1-31/32"
Frame Rate 30 frames per second (fps)
Auto-Focus Distance 1" to 3" [2,54 to 7,62 cm]
Wireless Range 60 ft [18,28 m]
Video Format NTSC
Inputs BNC, RCA Video, USB (charging)
Wand Length Included: 9/32" diameter x 3.25 ft [1 m] long
Optional: 3 ft [0,9 m], 6 ft [1,82 m], 10 ft [3,04 m]
Battery Life 3 hours (continuous use on full charge)
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion
Ratings, Standards IP67
EN62471: 2008 & IP 20







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