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Multipurpose meters are called "multimeters". These are available in two forms - the analog multimeter with the electromechanical meter movement and the digital multimeters. Each Analog Multimeter is capable of a myriad of functions like measuring voltage, resistance, measuring temperature and a host of other features. Choose your Triplett multimeter from our collection of multimeters according to your specific needs:

triplett 3030 analog tester

Analog Tester - Model 630
25 Ranges and Functions, Glass meter window for added chemical resistance, Two input jacks to help minimize error, AC Voltage frequency response to 40KHz typical.

triplett 3018 analog tester

Analog Tester - 310 Series
The model 310 Triplett multimeter is the favorite hand-held analog VOM in the maintenance and telecommunications field. These multimeters feature 18 ranges and functions, AC/DC voltage measurement to 1200V, drop resistant, high-impact case, diode overload protected meter, fused resistance ranges and more...

triplett 3145 analog tester

Analog Tester - Model 60
This analog multimeter comes with a drop resistant, high-impact case that is guaranteed to withstand a 5-foot drop. With our unique 3-fuse protection (including 2A/1000V fuse) the Model 60 Series is, quite possibly, the best protected analog multimeter VOM in the industry.

triplett 3073 telco tester

Model 8455 Telco Tester
This Triplett tester Model 8455 is a great must have for the telecommunication field.


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