Surge Protectors For the Home And The Office

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1-Outlet Rotating Surge Protector
360 electrical

360 Electrical 1-Outlet Rotating Surge Protector
Perfect for adapting standard duplex receptacles to better accommodate bulky adapters, this mini rotating surge protector not only leaves adjacent outlets unobstructed, but protects plugged-in devices from power surge damage.

360 Electrical Rotating Power Surge Protector
360 electrical

360 Electrical Rotating Power Surge Protector Adapters
360 Electrical’s rotating power and surge adapters easily fit your bulky power cords and adapters. If an adapter does not fit, simply plug it in and rotate, then lock it in one of any 18 possible positions.

Home and Mobile Surge Protectors
360 electrical

360 Electrical® PowerCurve® Home and Mobile Surge Protectors
This series of aesthetically pleasing power strips is great for powering all of your modern mobile an standard devices in the home or office. Contains up to 5 AC outlets and 2 USB outlets.

Smart Surge Protector
360 electrical

360 Electrical® GreenSurge™ Smart Surge Protector
Energy Ssaving Products Designed to protect electronics against power surges while reducing the energy use of appliances usually left in standby mode, this PDU automatically cuts power to peripherals when they're not in use to save money and help the environment.

8-outlet surge protector
360 electrical

360 Electrical® 8 Outlet Swivel Surge Protector
Designed to accommodate up to 8 oversized plugs with no wasted space, this surge protector features 8 outlets that swivel independently between 90 and 160 degrees, and protects your electronics from damaging power spikes.

Powramid Surge Protector

Powramid™ Surge Protector
This unique pyramid-shaped surge protector provides 360° power under desks or on tables and countertops, and has plenty of space to accommodate bulky adapters.

Smart Strip

Smart Strip Power Saving Surge Protectors
Green ProductThe Smart Strips allow you to save money on your electric bills by turning off electronic devices that are not being used. This failsafe method works even when you forget, so your home doesn't waste energy.

Socket Sense

Socket Sense™ Adjustable Surge Protector
Socket Sense™ surge protector prevents the congestion commonly associated with power adapters with ease, regardless of their size of shape. You simply need to expand or contract the movable 45° sockets to adjust for your best fit. Now you can do the job of 2 power strips in one.

Mini Surge Protector with usb ports, BZ103050-TVL

Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger
Perfect for business trips and family vacations, this travel-friendly surge protector is equipped with 3 AC outlets for laptops and cell phone chargers, as well as 2 USB ports for recharging iPods and other USB-driven devices.

APC USB surge protector

APC SurgeArrest Essential Surge Protector with USB
Perfect for home offices and other small-scale computer setups, this compact and inconspicuous surge protector features 4 well-spaced outlets that are able to accommodate bulky adapters, and 2 surge-protected USB outlets for peripherals.

Furman Sound Six Outlet Surge Suppressor

Furman Sound Six Outlet Surge Suppressor
Perfect for studios, live performances, and MC setups, this surge suppressor protects sensitive equipment against power spikes while filtering out EMI and RFI noise.

surge protector in use

7-Outlet Surge Protector with Individual Switches
Perfect for home theaters and offices that are full of power-wasting peripherals, this surge protector has individually-switched outlets that let you completely cut power to specific devices when they’re not in use.


SmartSockets® Tabletop Surge Protector
This surge protector is the perfect accessory for any meeting room. A 16-foot cord helps make this tabletop surge protector easily accessible and allows you to place it in the center of a room. Its circular design allows for connection of up to 6 AC adapters or plugs.

PowerSquid® Calamari Home Theater Surge Protector

PowerSquid® Calamari Home Theater Surge Protector
Was $79.95 Sale
The enhanced reach, flexibility, and room for adapter plugs make the PowerSquid® easier to use than traditional strips. This model comes equipped with a fail-safe circuit and alarm to protect your equipment in the event of a lightning strike or severe power surge.

P3 Kill A Wat PS

Kill A Watt™ PS - Electricity Usage Monitoring Power Strip
Green ProductProtect your valuable electronic equipment and appliances with this innovative power strip / electronic measuring device. In addition to protecting them, this strip will actually measure how efficient they are.

Tripp-Lite Protect It TLP series

Tripp-Lite PROTECT IT!® TLP Series 4, 6, and 7 Outlet Surge Protectors
Assorted adapters to accommodate all your power outlet needs: angled or awkward large plugs, fax, phone and modem ports.

Minuteman EnSpire™ Series Standby UPS

Minuteman® EnSpire™ Series Standby UPS
The Minuteman EnSpire Series is a quality standby uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This series is for desktop and other low power devices, and comes with the longest warranty protection in the industry.

Minuteman Entrust Series Line Interactive UPS
Minuteman Power

Minuteman® Entrust™ Series Line Interactive UPS
Able to monitor and condition the voltage going to your equipment, this UPS keeps your electronics running smoothly during power fluctuations, and also provides battery backup.


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