Superior Essex DataGain Cat6 Cable 1000Ft.

Highest Quality Cat6 Cable on the Market

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What's special about cat6 cable?

  • Constructed with 23 gauge, 4 pair wire that uses an innovative flat tape throughout the core to reduce crosstalk
  • Data gain Cat6 cable is swept to higher a frequency (550 MHz vs 250 MHz) for higher performance
  • QuickCount® marking system shows how many feet of cable remains, so you know exactly what you have left before you start a new job
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With its cost-efficiency and innovative use of noise reducing technology, DataGain® cable provides the best value in Category 6 cables on the market today. The creative design utilizes a flexible center flat tape and the cable yields exceptional performance that exceeds TIA/EIA Category 6 specifications. This cable type surpasses the performance of other cost-competitive Category 6 cables.


SE-66-240A Superior Essex DataGain CAT6 Cable 1000' Riser – 4X23 DATAGAIN C6+ CMR 1KPB 9.23"W x 14"D x 13.75"H 23 lbs Blue, Gray, White
SE-66-240B Superior Essex DataGain CAT6 Cable 1000' Plenum – 4X23 DATAGAIN C6+ CMP 1KPB 9.23"W x 14"D x 13.75"H 23 lbs Blue, Gray, White
  • By reducing crosstalk, you reduce the line noise and interference that can degrade your signal
  • Electrical performance guaranteed to 400 MHz for a strong signal
  • Greater assurance of exceptional overall channel performance, at an excellent value
  • Guaranteed ACR of 27.6 dB at 100 MHz and 8.7 dB at 250 MHz
  • “Future-proofed” which means it will be compatible with later cable installation technology
  • Color coded box labels make for easy identification of the jacket colors inside
  • Round Design with flexible center flat tape allows you to pull easily without snags



  • 10BASE-T through 1000BASE-T Ethernet
  • ATM and Token Ring
  • Category 6 cabling has twice the bandwidth of Category 5e cabling. This improved bandwidth, along with the very much improved immunity from external noise, provides the potential for Category 6 to support multi-gigabit applications
  • Backward compatibility to Categories 5e, 5 and 3



datagain cable drawing Pair Count 4
Conductor Solid annealed copper
AWG (mm) 23 (0.57)
Insulation CMR: Thermoplastic
Insulation Colors Pair 1: Color Tip™ Light Blue, Blue
Pair 2: Color Tip Light Orange, Orange
Pair 2: Color Tip Light Green, Green
Pair 2: Color Tip Light Brown, Brown
Separator Flexible flat tape
Jacket CMR: Flame Retardant PVC
CMP: Low Smoke PVC
Input Impedance (Ohms) Guaranteed 100+/-15 @ 1-100 MHz
100+/-22 @ 100-250 MHz
100+/-32 @ 250-400 MHz
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (%) CMR: 68
CMP: 71
Standards Compliance UL 444
UL Listed CMP (NFPA 262)
UL Listed CMR (UL 1666)
ISO/IEC 11801
ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1
UL Verified to Category 6 RoHS Compliant



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