Studio Key Sleeve

Reversible Cord Cover for Chroma Key Media and Filming Environments

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What's special about this two sided vinyl cord cover?

  • Removes hanging cables, wires, and hoses from your blue/green screen background making it easier to isolate the subject during film editing
  • Fully reversible design is bright blue on one side with bright green on the other side, for accommodating your film studio's specific color screen set up
  • High abrasion resistance material provides an extra level of protection for delicate cables in high traffic areas
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Blue/green screen technology was invented as a way to isolate actors from the background and composite them onto another background. Green screen technology can also help you save on travel costs, and improve special effects. More



TX-SKN2-00BG Studio Key Sleeve Vinyl Cable Wrap 0.048" 2" 10ft Reversible Blue/Green DISCONTINUED

The array of lighting and networking equipment associated with modern filming, cables begin to pile up and require cable management not only for the sake of safety, but to also remove them from visible areas.

The reversible blue/green Studio Key Sleeve provides special effects professionals with an excellent way to organize cables, as well as removing them from filming. This blue/green cord wrap requires no complicated installation methods or tools. Simply wrap cables so they become invisible during editing.
  • Hook and loop closure system for easy installation on pre-existing cables and wires without unplugging
  • Durablevinyl construction holds up to the constant abuse associated with hectic film studios
  • Reusable and easy to remove design is ideal for both stationary or on-scene filming and video shoots
  • Opaque thick wall design does not allow intense camera light to pass through, preserving quality of the shoot
  • Versatilechroma key design can also be used to wrap set pieces, light poles and other filming equipment visible in the shoot efficient


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Studio Key Sleeve Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


TX-SKN2-00BG – Studio Key Sleeve
Material: Vinyl
Nominal Size: 2"
Hook and Loop Strip: 1"
Wall Thickness: 0.048"
Colors: Reversible Blue/Green
Abrasion Resistance: High
Abrasion Test Machine: Taber 5150
Abrasion Test Wheel: Calibrase H-18
Abrasion Test Load: 500g
Recommended Cutting: Scissor
Chemical Resistance
Aromatic Solvents: 1
Aliphatic Solvents: 1
Chlorinated Solvents: 1
Weak Bases: 1
Salts: 1
Strong Bases: 2
Salt Water: 0-S-1926 1
Hydraulic Fluid: MIL-H-5606 1
Lube Oil: MIL-L7808 1
De-Icing Fluid: MIL-A-8243 1
Strong Acids: 4
Strong Oxidants: 4
Esters/Keytones: 1
UV Light: 1
Petroleum: 2
Fungus:ASTM D-2863 1
1= No Effect / 2= Little Effect / 3=Affected / 4= More Affected / 5= Severely Affected

This product has starred in our Product Showcase Blog! Click here to check it out.







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