STI Caulking Gun

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STI Caulking Gun

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this caulk gun?

  • Makes the application of your many caulk needs quick and easy
  • Steel welded construction is sturdy and will last for years
  • 3:1 thrust ratio gives it smooth, easy to dispense functioning
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The STI caulk gun facilitates the use of caulking around the home or workspace. The easy to use tool simplifies application of sealants, glues, caulks, and other tube cartridges.

  • Thumb release for single hand operation
  • Use with STI or other product line standard 11 oz caulk tube cartridges


Material Steel welded
Thrust Ratio 3:1
Weight 1.49 lbs
STI-SSACG STI Caulk Gun 11 oz. 1.49 lbs.


TOOLS: Household rags, utility knife, caulking gun, caulk, nail or awl

STEP 1: Clean the area to be caulked, removing dirt, loose paint and old caulk. Be sure the area is dry before you begin.

STEP 2: Use a utility knife to cut the tip of the spout either straight or angled. Cut off as little as possible, taking into consideration the size of the 'bead' of caulk you need. Cardboard tubes may have a second seal at the base of the spout. Insert a nail or awl through the spout to puncture the seal.

STEP 3: Load a tube of caulk into a caulking gun, making sure it's well seated at both ends.

STEP 4: Hold the gun at a slight angle. If you're filling a crack, insert the spout if you can; otherwise, run it at the surface.

STEP 5: Pull away from the bead slightly as you squeeze out the caulk, rather than push into it, which can be very messy. Use just enough caulk to do the job. (Experiment in an out-of-the-way area. You may find that you'll need less of a bead than you think.)

STEP 6: Use your finger to gently press the caulk into the corner or crack.

STEP 7: Use a damp towel or rag to clean off most of the excess caulk, then use a dry one to clean off the rest.


Technology Updates



Cox gunCOX Cordless Caulk Guns
The pressure release device ensures that no extra material makes it out of the gun keeping you and your jobsite looking clean and professional.

Abesco CP310 Fire Rated Acrylic Intumescent CaulkAbesco CP310 Fire Rated Acrylic Intumescent Caulk
Designed to seal and prevent the spread of fire from one compartment to another wherever cables, wires, or other services pass thru firewalls and/or floors.


Marine Sealants3M™ Marine Sealants
Remains flexible with excellent resistance to the marine environment. Adheres to bare and painted metal, fiberglass, glass, non-oily woods and many plastics and abraded rubbers. Easy to apply with manual caulking gun.

Fire Caulk 3M™ Fire Barrier 2000 Silicone Sealant3M™ Fire Barrier 2000 Silicone Sealant
Ideal for sealing simple penetrations such as around metallic or glass pipes and conduits to control the spread of fire. Helps limit the spread of noxious gas, smoke and water. Maintains the integrity of fire-rated construction.

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