Speed Nubs Safety Bump Rumble Strips

Effective Traffic Attention-Grabber

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Speed Nubs Safety Bump Rumble Strips

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these safety bumps?

  • Durable speed bumps made from recycled and hard rubber to control and prevent high speed traffic
  • Low-profile design to avoid damage to vehicle or tires
  • Available in traditional caution colors, yellow and black, to draw attention to the roadway
  • Each kit contains (2) strips to form a 39” long by 4” wide speed bump
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Speed Nub Safety Bumps are an excellent tool for alerting inattentive drivers, which makes them ideal for controlling speed increasing awareness in high-traffic applications. Teamed together with high capacity cord covers, they're perfect for battling against wire damage and potential danger to pedestrians. Their compact design and and easy installation make Safety Bumps a no-brainer when you need to increase the safety of your street application.

  • Small, slim design for easier storage and transportation
  • Pre-drilled 1/4" holes to firmly secure the strips with nails or bolts
  • (8) 3" spikes included for easier and safer attachment
  • Can also be placed horizontally to provide greater road traction while going up ramps


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Length per Strip 19.75"
Total Length per Kit 39.5"
Width 4"
Height 5/8"
Weight per Kit 5 lbs
Pre-Drilled Holes Diameter 1/4"
Nails/Spikes Length 3"
ED-SB-ED-NUB-BKYL Speed Nubs/Rumble Strips 2-piece Kit (1) Black - (1) Yellow
ED-SB-ED-NUB-BK Speed Nubs/Rumble Strips 2-piece Kit (2) Black
ED-SB-ED-NUB-YL Speed Nubs/Rumble Strips 2-piece Kit (2) Yellow

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