Neutrik® speakON® SPX and Standard Series Speaker Connectors

Professional Speaker Connectors for Demanding Sound Engineers and Musicians

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What's special about these pro audio connectors?

  • Male and female panel and cable-mount speakON® connectors used for professional audio speaker systems
  • Fully field repairable, these connectors will pay for themselves many times over
  • Lockable design prevents accidental disconnects for less downtime
  • Ideal for providing rugged, reliable termination to speakers used in live events everywhere from nightclubs to open stadiums
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UL listedUL RecognizedCSA

Touring musicians and professional sound engineers know what a significant role quality equipment plays in putting on a good show. These speakON® connectors by Neutrik® are built to withstand the rigors of constant use by high power audio systems, frequent transport, and tough weather, providing years of reliable use.


SPX Series Cable Mount Female
NEU-CA-NL4FX 4-Pole SPX Series 4-Pole Gray, Red, Yellow, Green, White
NEU-CA-NL4FRX 4-Pole SPX Series with Right Angle Connector 4-Pole with Right Angle Connector Gray
NEU-CA-LRX Right Angle Conversion Kit for SPX Series only n/a Gray
Standard Series Cable Mount Female
NEU-CA-NL2FC 2-Pole Standard Series 2-Pole Gray band, Blue boot
NEU-CA-NL4FC 4-Pole Standard Series 4-Pole Black connector, Blue boot
NEU-CA-NL4FCB 4-Pole Standard with Gold Contacts 4-Pole Black connector, Blue boot
NEU-CA-NL8FC 8-Pole Standard Series 8-Pole Black connector, Blue boot
Panel Mount Male
NEU-CA-NL2MP 2-Pole, D-Size Fange 2-Pole Black
NEU-CA-NL4MP 4-Pole, D-Size Flange 4-Pole Black
NEU-CA-NL4MPB 4-Pole, D-size Flange, Gold Contacts 4-Pole Black
NEU-CA-NL4MPST 4-Pole, D-size Flange, Screw Terminals 4-Pole Black
NEU-CA-NL4MPUC 4-Pole, D-size Flange, 1/4" Faston Terminals 4-Pole Black
NEU-CA-NL4MPR 4-Pole, Round Flange, for Speaker Cabinets 4-Pole Black
NEU-CA-NL8MPR 8-Pole, Nickel, Square flange 8-Pole Nickel
NEU-CA-NL8MPRBAG 8-Pole, Black Chrome, Square Flange 8-Pole Black Chrome
Combo speakON® Connector
NEU-CA-NLJ2MDV Panel Mount, Combination speakON® and 1/4" Receptacle
(allows you to wire both a 4 pole Speakon and a 2 pole 1/4" jack, use either at your convenience)
2 or 4 Pole Speakon, 2-Pole 1/4" Green
NEU-CA-NL4MMX 4-Pole Coupler, Links two NEU-CA-NL2 or NEU-CA-NL4FC 2-Pole or 4-Pole Black
NEU-CA-NL8MM 8-Pole Coupler, Male/Male 8-Pole Black
NEU-CA-NA4LJ NEU-CA-NL4FC to 1/4" Jack 4-Pole to
1/4" 2-Pole Female
NEU-CA-BSLWR Weather-Resistant Boot for Standard Series n/a Black
  • Available in 2, 4, and 8 pole configurations to fit a wide variety of speakers
  • Two builds for differing needs:
    • Cost effective, durable plastic housing for great performance and durability
    • Extremely rugged, high-impact nickel or black chrome housing provides maximum durability for all applications, especially during heavy touring, rental, and commercial use
  • Panel mount connectors have standard D-size flanges for universal compatibility
  • Handles up to 40A RMS continuous power, easily accommodating even the most demanding pro audio systems
  • Cable mounted female connectors feature-screw type closure for maximum pull-out force
  • SPX series connectors are available with color-coded boots or bands for easy identification
  • Cable mount versions are easily converted to right angle connectors to fit into cramped spaces and awkward applications



  SPX Series STX Series speakON® FC Series speakON® Chassis + Combo Adapter STX Series Chassis
Number of Contact   4 4 + 8 2, 4, 8 2, 4, 8 2, 4, 8 4 + 8
Rated Current per Contact @40 A rms continuous 30 A 30 A ** 15 A
  @50 A audiosignal, duty cycle 50% 40 A 40 A 30 A
  Combo: 15A rms continuous - - - - -
  CSA approved rating: 25A (4 pole) - 10 A - -
Rated Insulation Voltage 250VAC
Contact Resistance After Life Expectancy <2 mΩ ≤ 3 ≤ 3 ≤ 3
Insulation Resistance After Dampheat >1 GΩ > 10 GΩ > 10 GΩ
Dielectric Strength 4 kV peak
   1/4" Jack: 1.5 kV peak - - - - -
Locking System Quick lock (lock)
Life Expectancy (mating cycles) > 5,000
Cable OD Range (mm) 2 Pole - - 6-10 - - -
  4 Pole 7-14.5 - 5-15 - - -
  8 Pole - 8-20 8-20 - - -
Wiring screw type terminals 4 mm² (AWG 12) - 4 mm² (AWG 12) • (ST) - -
  soldering 6 mm² (AWG 10) 6 mm² (AWG 10) 4 mm² (AWG 12) -
  flat tabs for 3/16" FASTON® (4.8 X 0.5 mm) - - - - -
  flat tabs for 1/4" FASTON® (6.3x 0.8 mm) - - - • (UC) -
  PCB version - - -
Insertion/Withdrawal Force Combo: Jack: ≤ N/ > 10 N - - - - -
Cable Retention Force ≥ 220 N * - - -
Housing Polyamide PA 6 30% GR - - -
  PBTP 20% GR - - - - -
  Zinc diecast - - - -
Insert Poluamide PA 6 30% GR - - -
  PBTP 20% GR - - - -
Contacts Brass (CuZn39Pb3) - - -
  Bronze (CuSn6) - - - -
Contact Plating 4 µm Ag - - • (UC) -
Locking Element Zinc diecast (ZnAl4Cu1) - - • (FP)
Chuck Polyacetal (POM) - - -
Bushing Polyamide (PA 6 15% GR) - - -
Operating Temperature -22°F to 176°F (30°C to 80°C)
Protection Class IP 54 (mated condition) - - - -
  IP 52 (8-pole, mated condition) - - - -
Flammability UL 94 HB
Safety Requirements EN/IEC 61984
Approvals UL Recognized, UL Listed, IEC 68-2-20 4 pole 4 pole
Solderability: complies with IEC 68-2-20

* subject to cable O.D. and material
** NL4MD-V-S - rated current per contact: 20A






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