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Signamax Shielded Patch Panel

Shielded Patch Panels
Ideal for networking applications that are highly sensitive to EMI and RFI interference, these screened patch panels are designed to exceed ANSI, EIA and TIA specs, and feature specially engineered for enhanced plug-to-jack connection integrity.

Signamax Standard-Density Feed-Thru Patch Panels

Signamax™ Standard-Density Feed-Thru Patch Panels
These plug-and-play patch panels are a time-saving solution for cross-connects between active equipment. Meet TIA/EIA requirements.

mini 12 port patch panels, 12458M

Wallmount Mini Patch Panels
Designed for easy networking even in areas where space is at a premium, these patch panels mount directly to the wall instead of into a server rack, and come preloaded with 12 Cat5e or Cat6 jacks.

Signamax High Density Feed Thru Patch Panel

High-Density Feed-Thru Patch Panels
Perfect for Cat5e and Cat6 networking applications in which space is limited, these patch panels feature feed-through connectors that reduce cable strain, and can be fully customized with your choice of couplers or keystone jacks.

SIGNAMAX high density patch panels

High-Density Field-Configurable Unloaded Patch Panels
Perfect for creating a new network or just upgrading a preexisting one, these ultra-compact patch panels allow installers to fit more connections into less rack space, and feature port identification for easy jack ID.

Signamax Unloaded Patch Panels

Field-Configurable Unloaded Patch Panels
Perfect for just about any networking environment, these modular, unloaded, high-density patch panels can accommodate both screened and unscreened Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a jacks for complete flexibility in network configuration.

Signamax Telco Patch Panel

Category 5 Telco Patch Panels
Designed to be wired via Telco-style connectors instead of individual keystone jacks, these patch panels deliver the Cat5 performance that you expect, but require far less time, money and labor to install.

Signamax Patch Panel

High-Density 48 Port Unshielded Patch Panels
Perfect for networking applications that require a high number of connections in very little space, these high-density patch panels fit 48 ports into only 1 rack space, and include a cable management bar to keep things organized and reduce patch cord strain.

Signamax 48 Port Patch Panels

Ultra High-Density 1U Fiber Optic Patch Panels
Ideal for creating high-density fiber cross-connects in tight spaces, these 48-port patch panels support both SC simplex and LC duplex connectors for greater flexibility in designing network infrastructures.

1U and 2U signamax fiber adapter panel

Signamax® Rackmount Optical Fiber Adapter Panels
Keep your fiber system quality consistent with these adapter panels from Signamax.

10G plug-n-play- fiber cassette LC 50 Ám

Signamax® FCM Fiber Optic Cassettes
Pop these into your Signamax fiber adapter panels for reliable fiber connectivity in any network.

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