Read How Service Dogs Help Vets, Straight from the Source

"As with all PTSD dogs, mine helps me in and out of crowds, and helps with anxiety. Mine also helps me with balance. He is trained to lean against me on my right side to keep me walking in a straight line, which I could not do before. He also helps me to get up from the floor, the bed, a chair or anything else I need."

For Vets, the Struggle Continues Long After the War is Over

In our country, the struggle of our veterans is all too real and frequently ignored. Many of our men and women returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq have difficulty adjusting to civilian life, often not only facing physical challenges due to injuries suffered, but also very real and poorly understood emotional trauma such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). These individuals have sacrificed so much to serve their country, and we owe it to them to help them in any way we can to return to a life of normalcy that most of us take for granted.

Service Dogs Can Help Vets Handle PTSD & Other Issues

One organization, Service Dogs 4 Servicemen, has risen to the challenge with a decidedly unique approach. They provide retired racing greyhounds to serve as companions for veterans, and each animal is individually trained to meet the specific physical and emotional needs of the person itís paired with. These arenít just pets: these dogs are specifically tailored to their service men and women, giving some much needed aid to those suffering from PTSD or needing mobility assistance.

Donations & Fundraising are Key to Keep These Projects Going

As you might imagine, highly trained service animals do not come easily or cheap. Service Dogs 4 Servicemen's "Hero Project" offers these greyhounds at zero cost to the veterans, and relies on donations and fundraising to cover the substantial expenses.

What We're Doing, & How You Can Help

To do its part, is proud to partner with SD4SM to raise awareness of this worthy cause. During the month of May, every order made at CableOrganizer will include the opportunity to allow us to donate a dollar to the cause. All you have to do is click to opt in, and we'll do the rest (at zero cost to you). Why opt in? Because we want to do this together, and taking the time to say "yes" means you're making the choice to support our vets in need. One dollar doesn't sound like much, but if everyone opts in, it'll add up quick.

Make a Difference. Be a Hero to Our Heroes.

And ultimately, it's not all about the money. We're not a large enough company to move mountains with our donations but we think there's more to it than that. This campaign is about awareness to the fact that there are organizations out there helping veterans who are sorely in need of assistance, such as Rebuilding Together Broward County or the Stand Down House. If you choose not to take part in our campaign, please consider donating to one of these organizations, or one of your own choosing. If together we can get even a few people to open their eyes to the needs of our veterans, then it can make all the difference.



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