Nut Drivers


Magnetic Tip Nut Driver

Klein Tools 1/4" Magnetic Tip Nut Driver - 1-1/2" Hollow Shank
Created for working in tight and close quarters, they allow the user to get to hard-to-reach nuts and hex screws that would be impossible to get to with long-shafted nut drivers. These stubby nut drivers are able to drive nuts on many electrical and HVAC/R panels while providing greater torque power and comfort.

Cushion-Grip Hollow-Shank Nut Driver

Klein Tools Cushion-Grip Hollow-Shank Nut Driver
Internal flanges provide solid, twist-resistant shank anchor. Cushion-Grip handle allows for greater torque and comfort. Chrome-plated shank helps prevent corrosion. Hollow shanks facilitate work on stacked circuit boards and other long bolt applications.

Magnetic Tip Nut Drive

Klein Tools Magnetic Tip Nut Drive - 18" Hollow Shank
Long 18" hollow shank with Rare Earth Magnetic tip facilitates work on bolt applications. Chrome plated helps prevents corrosion and cushion-grip handle allows for greater torque and comfort.

Individual Nut Driver

Klein Tools 3/8" Individual Nut Driver - 6" Shank
Vaco nut drivers meet or exceed current ANSI and MIL specifications. Patented shaft construction withstands high torque. Shafts on Vaco drivers are completely hollow, from the socket to the handle, to accommodate the longest stud. Sockets and shafts are specially heat treated for extra hardness

Magnetic Nut Driver

Klein Tools Magnetic Nut Driver
Similar to standard nut drivers but with powerful nut-holding magnet built into shank. Features same quality materials and workmanship as hollow-shaft tools.

7-Piece Cushion-Grip Nut-Driver Set

Klein Tools 7-Piece Cushion-Grip Nut-Driver Set
Deluxe Cushion-Grip is designed for extra-long, dependable service and unbeatable comfort. Color-coded cap identifies hex size.

Insulated Nut Drivers and Sets

Klein Tools Insulated Nut Drivers and Sets
The excellent functionality and reduction of risk of electric shock make these insulated tools great for professional use. The insulation on each tool consists of two layers: a high dielectric white inner layer and a flame resistant outer layer.

IDEAL Twist-A-Nut Combo Pack

IDEAL 35-926 Twist-A-Nut Combo Pack
The Ideal Twist-A-Nut™ Combo Pack is perfect for the electrician because it is easy to carry in the pouch that slides easily onto your belt with a metal clip and contains several tools needed for proper conduit installations.


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