RobertShaw® Value Series 5000 Programmable Thermostats

Increase Your Yearly Energy Bill Savings with EnergyStar™ Digital Thermostats

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What's special about this programmable digital thermostat?

  • Go green and save money on your electric bill with this programmable digital thermostat with the EnergyStar® compliant feature. Program it for your weekday needs and set up different settings for the weekends when your lifestyle is different
  • Pop-up wizard makes installation and programming quick and easy with its instant launch menu
  • Work to better control the heating and cooling of your home or office and reduce energy consumption and function with all standard 24V AC heating and cooling systems
  • Worry-free memory retention means that even if the power goes out, your settings will be saved
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Energy Star rated

By incorporating the Robertshaw® RS5000 programmable thermostat family into your home or office, you are making the best choice for temperature controls and energy efficiency. This Value series offers EnergyStar® and California Title 24 compliant features at an economical price.


RS-5110 Robert Shaw Value Series 5110 Single Stage Programmable Thermostat 6.75"W x 4.375"H x 1.625"D 0.8 lb
RS-5220 Robert Shaw 5220 Multi-Stage Electronic Thermostat 6.75"W x 4.375"H x 1.625"D 0.8 lb
  • Keypad security lockout so no one can alter your settings (especially helpful in an office environment)
  • No struggling or pulling out the reading glasses with this large back lit display, even at night
  • Unit changeover feature automatically shuts down if the temperature exceeds 99°F (37°C) while heating your home or office, and automatically powers up if the temperature drops below 41°F, to protect from frozen pipes
  • Schedule up to four events per day for heating and cooling for truly personalized climate control
  • Vacation setpoint override helps reduce energy consumption even further, which means more green in your wallet, no need to reprogram the entire unit once you're back in town
  • Alerts you periodically to change the air filter
  • As a contractor, these units can be installed pre-programmed with your service call information for timely alerts so that the end user contacts you for maintenance
  • Allows you to select your preference on the display: Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Circulating fan allows you to maintain excellent air circulation between cycles
  • Dual power allows you to use battery or AC, depending on your preference or needs
  • Accurate to within ±1°F
  • Set your own high and low temperature limits to reduce energy consumption
  • Low battery indicator lets you know it's time to change the batteries before power goes out
  • Battery is changed in a snap, no tools needed
  • When installing, removing, or cleaning the thermostat, be sure to turn power off at the main fuse or circuit breaker panel
  • Do not install on voltages in excess of 30 VAC because this is a 24 VAC low-voltage thermostat
  • To use the Pop-Up Wizard, power should be applied when the settings are ready to be entered
  • 5 year limited warranty - PDF



  • The Robertshaw 5110 is a single stage heating and cooling digital thermostat
  • The Robertshaw 5220 model is a multi-stage universal digital thermostat that controls up to 2 heat/ 2 cool; electric furnaces, gas, oil, heat pump, millivolt


Specs RS5110 Single Stage RS5220 Two Stage
Staging/Application 1 Heat/  1 Cool 2 Heat/ 2 Cool
Programming 5-2 day 5-2 day
Terminations RH/R, RC, C, G, B, O, Y1, W1 RH/R, RC, C, G, B, O, Y1, W1, Y2, W2, E, L
Power Source Options 24 VAC with battery back up or 3.0 V DC 24 V AC with battery back up or 3.0 V DC (link to def)
Electrical Ratings 24 V AC (18 - 30 V AC)
1 amp maximum load per terminal, 3 amp total maximum load (allterminals combined)
24 V AC (18 - 30 V AC)
1 amp maximum load per terminal, 3 amp total maximum load (all terminalscombined)
Comments Multi-stage gas, electric, oil, heat pump and millivolt systems Multi-stage gas, electric, oil, heat pump and millivolt systems
Temperature Control Range 45° F to 90° F (7° C to 32° C) 45° F to 90° F (7° C to 32° C)
Accuracy 1° F (0.5° C) 1° F (0.5° C)
Company Standard ISO 9001 – 2008 certified ISO 9001 – 2008 certified
Programmable Fan No No
Temperature Limits 99° F 99° F
Keypad Lockout Yes Yes
Backlight Yes Yes
Vacation Hold Vacation Hold Vacation Hold
Dimensions 6.75"W x 4.375"H x 1.625"D 6.75"W x 4.375"H x 1.625"D
Weight 12.8 oz 12.8 oz


Comparison Chart

Manufacturer Name Part Number Repl. Type
ROBERTSHAW 300-252 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 300-318 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 300-625 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 8600 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 8600 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 8601 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 8601 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 9600 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 9600 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 9610 Functional
BRAEBURN 5000 Functional
BRAEBURN 5050 Functional
HONEYWELL T8000C1002 Functional
HONEYWELL T8000C1010 Functional
HONEYWELL T8000C1019 Functional
HONEYWELL T8001C1001 Functional
HONEYWELL T8002C1000 Functional
HONEYWELL T8090A1007 Functional
HONEYWELL T8090A1015 Functional
HONEYWELL T8090A1023 Functional
HONEYWELL T8090A1056 Functional
HONEYWELL T8095A1010 Functional
HONEYWELL T8112C1031 Functional
HONEYWELL T8112D1005 Functional
HONEYWELL T8112D1013 Functional
HONEYWELL T8131C1004 Functional
HONEYWELL T8131C1012 Functional
HONEYWELL T8132C1011 Functional
HONEYWELL T8190A1006 Functional
HONEYWELL TH2110D1009 Functional
HONEYWELL TH4110D1007 Functional
HONEYWELL TS8095A1010 Functional
HONEYWELL Y8195A1006 Functional
HONEYWELL Y8224A1019 Functional
LUX PSP500 Functional
LUX PSP600 Functional
LUX TX1500 Functional
LUX TX1501 Functional
LUX TX500 Functional
LUX TX500E Functional
LUX TX505 Functional
MAPLE CHASE 960 Functional
MAPLE CHASE 0960-1 Functional
MAPLE CHASE 0960T Functional
MAPLE CHASE 0960T-1 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F60-22 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F70-352 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F70-358 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F72-301 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F72-351 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F72-362 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F72W-312 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F73W-360 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F75-351 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F76-357 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F76W-357 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F77-51 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F78-151 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F78H-151 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F80-0471 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F80-24 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F80-241 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F80-261 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F80-51 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F93-1 Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F93-10 Functional
Manufacturer Name Part Number Repl. Type
ROBERTSHAW 8625 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 8625 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 9615 Functional
ROBERTSHAW 9620 Functional
BRAEBURN 5100 Functional
BRAEBURN 5200 Functional
HONEYWELL T8001C1019 Functional
HONEYWELL T8001C1217 Functional
HONEYWELL T8001F1004 Functional
HONEYWELL T8011F1002 Functional
HONEYWELL T8024D1010 Functional
HONEYWELL T8024F1007 Functional
HONEYWELL TH2210D1007 Functional
HONEYWELL TH4210D1005 Functional
LUX HP2110 Functional
LUX PSPA722E Functional
WHITE-RODGERS 1F85-0471 Functional


Comparison Chart

Model Program Application Staging Power Functions & Features Terminations
    Electric Gas Oil Heat Pump Millivolt Heat Cool   Auto Changeover Memory Reserve Adjustable Differential Energy Efficient Recovery Back Lighting Remote Sensor Indoor Sensor Outdoor Sensor Programmable Fan Energy Star Keypad Lockout Filter Monitor Vacation Hold Special Features  
RS5110* 5-2 Day x x x x x 1 1 24V AC or battery operated x EEPROM x - x - - - x x x x x - RH/R, RC, C, G, B, O, Y1, W1
RS5220 5-2 Day x x x x - 2 2 24V AC or battery operated x EEPROM x x x - - - x x x x x - RH/R, RC, C, G, B, O, Y1, W1, Y2, W2, E, L
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7 DayPLUS** x x x x - 1 1 24V AC x EEPROM x selectable x 1 indoor/1 outdoor 9020i 9025i x x x x x Humidification
E/W1, Y1, C, R, G, H, D, O, B, L, IS, OS





Additional Information from EPA -



EnergyStar® Energy Star

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) EPA

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Department of Energy






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