Wire Harness Clips

RoHS-Compliant Harness Clips for Aerospace and Automotive

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Wire Harness Clips

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these wire clips?

  • Excellent choice for managing wire harnesses in automotive and aerospace applications
  • Made of UL V-2 Flame Rated Nylon 6/6 material with a temperature range of -40°F to 185°F
  • Mount securely to surfaces with a screw or rivet
  • Lets you install wire harnesses without removing the mounts
  • RoHS compliant, so they’re safe for the environment
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These wire harness clips from Richco can be mounted easily and securely with a screw or rivet. The UL Listed clips allow you to install wire harnesses without removing the mounts. Wire harness clips are ideal for use in automotive and aerospace applications.

  • UL Listed E71558
  • Ideal for use with wire harnesses
  • Great for automotive and aerospace applications
  • Allows installation without removing the mount
  • RoHS Compliant


drawings of richco wire harness clips
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Part # "A"
(Holding Diameter)
inch [mm]
inch [mm]
inch [mm]
inch [mm]
"E" Ref.
inch [mm]
CLWHC-125-01 1/8 [3.2] 0.05 [1.3] 0.33 [8.4] 0.23 [5.8] 0.75 [19.1]
CLWHC-250-01 1/4 [6.4] 0.04 [1.0] 0.40 [10.2] 0.25 [6.4] 0.83 [21.1]
CLWHC-375-01 3/8 [9.5] 0.05 [1.3] 0.40 [10.2] 0.19 [4.8] 0.83 [21.1]
CLWHC-500-01 1/2 [12.7] 0.07 [1.8] 0.40 [10.2] 0.25 [6.4] 1-5/32 [29.4]
CLWHC-750-01 3/4 [19.1] 0.08 [2.0] 0.50 [12.7] 0.19 [4.8] 1-9/32 [32.5]
CLWHC-1000-01 1 [25.4] 0.09 [2.4] 0.50 [12.7] 0.19 [4.8] 1-17/32 [38.9]
CLWHC-1500-01 1-1/2 [38.1] 0.10 [2.5] 0.50 [12.7] 0.19 [4.8] 2-1/8 [53.9]
CLWHC-125-01 1/8" Wire Harness Clips 1000 Natural
CLWHC-250-01 1/4" Wire Harness Clips 1000 Natural
CLWHC-375-01 3/8" Wire Harness Clips 1000 Natural
CLWHC-500-01 1/2" Wire Harness Clips 1000 Natural
CLWHC-750-01 3/4" Wire Harness Clips 1000 Natural
CLWHC-1000-01 1" Wire Harness Clips 500 Natural
CLWHC-1500-01 1-1/2" Wire Harness Clips 500 Natural
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