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Grommets, Bushings

Open Snap-in Bushings

Open Snap-in Bushings
From per 10
With a split design that allows them to slip over existing cable harnesses, these bushings protect cables from abrasion as they’re routed through rough-edged holes.

Closed Snap-in Bushings

Closed Snap-in Bushings
From per 10
Black nylon bushing snaps into sharp sheet metal penetration points to provide a smooth lining that won’t cut or abrade cables as they pass through.

Snub Bushings

Snub Bushings
From per 25
Snub bushings not only provide smooth cable transitions through panels, but also snuggly retain cables so that they stay in place exactly where you need them.

Snap Bushings

Snap Bushings
From per 25
The Snap Bushing wings at the top wire inlet adjust to accept various diameters and shapes. Installs on any panel from 0.031 to 0.118 inch thickness.

Richcho Grommet Strip

Molded Grommet Strip
From per 100
Cuts to size so you can fit it around any sharp-edged cutout that is 1" or more in diameter, to protect skin and cable insulation from abrasion.

Cable Ties, Twist Locks, Cable Clamps

Kurly Lock, RI-KL-200-100

Kurly Lock
From / 100pc
With a rounded shape that won't abrade cables or fingers, Kurly Lock clips have unique curved ends that twist around each other to hold cables in place.

Twist Lock, RI-TL-250-100

Twist Lock
From / 100pc
Able to secure cable bundles with just a twist, these Nylon 6/6 cable clips let you add, remove, and update cables over and over again.

Dual End Twist Lock

Dual End Twist Lock
From / 100pc
With flexible, curved ends that lock around each other, these dual-ended wire clips let you route and organize two cable bundles at once.

Kurly Lock with Adhesive Base

Kurly Lock with Adhesive Base
From / 100pc
With adhesive-backed bases that let you route cables against walls and other flat surfaces, these clips feature round edges that won't abrade cables or fingers.

Richco Beaded Cable Ties

Beaded Cable Ties
Locking key heads keep these beaded ties securely fastened, but allow for hassle-free reopening when cables need to be updated or rerouted.

Adjustable Adhesive Kwik Klips

Adhesive Kwik Klips
From / 100 pk
With a sturdy, latching design that can be reused over and over again, these adhesive-backed adjustable clips are a budget friendly way to tame tangled cords.

Richco Wire Harness Clips

Wire Harness Clips
From / 1000 pk
With an operating temperature range of -40°F to 185°F, these screw or rivet-mountable clips are perfect for managing automotive and aerospace wire harnesses.

steel clamp with rubber cushion

Steel Clamp with Rubber Cushion
From - 500 pk
Rubber-cushioned steel clamps provide long-term electrical insulation and vibration control while routing and securing wires in aircraft and military vehicles.

Richco Clamp in use

Cable Clamps with Eyelets
From - 100 pk
This cable management tool is perfect for securing cables in environments which undergo extreme vibration. Light and heavy duty cables are kept secured and in place without the risk of abrasion.

Strain Relief Clamp

Strain Relief Clamps
From per 1,000
Perfect for providing extra support to grounding wire, PC and data center cable connections, these strain relief clamps screw down on both ends to prevent cable movement, as well as damage from pulling or stretching.

Universal Cable Grip

Universal Cable Grip Wire Manager
Price / pack of 125
Ideal for use in low-density equipment racks as well as on desks and entertainment centers, this cable manager features loops that grip individual and bundled cables to keep them neatly routed and organized.


Slit Wrap, Wire Wrap

Richco Flame Retardant Slit Harness Wrap

Flame Retardant Slit Harness Wrap
From / per foot
Used in the datacom/telecom, electrical, aircraft, wire harness and automation industries, this flexible Nylon wrap bundles and protects cords, and limits the bend radius of fragile fiber optic cables.

Flexible Channel

Richflex Flexible Channel
Perfect for use under desks, to and from control panels or in any other awkward space needing cable management, this flexible raceway features bendable fingers that allow cable break-outs wherever they're needed.



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