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Though split wire loom is great for organizing, it can be difficult on your fingers squeezing those cords into place. As you add more wires, it becomes more of a challenge to put the wires in the tubing. With this wire loom installation tool you gather the cords then easily slide them through the tubing. It makes cable management and installation just that simple!

  • Protects cables while sliding them into place
  • Saves time and makes your efforts more efficient
  • Installs cable in a breeze
  • Essentially tames your loom so you can tame your cables

You will receive a free wire loom tool free when you purchase one of the products featured below. Although the tool may not be added to the cart as you complete your purchase, please be assured that the wire loom tool will be shipped out with your order of split wire loom or wrap around sleeving. So take advantage of this free offer today!

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  large yellow wire loom tool step 1 large yellow wire loom tool step 2 pulling install tool through wire loom wires inside corrugated tubing



Products That Qualify for the FREE Gift

Corrugated Wire LoomGeneral Purpose PE Corrugated Wire Loom
From / FT
Split loom corrugated tubing is ideal for wrapping up your cables and organizing them into a neat package.

bulk corrugated split tubingBulk Wire Loom
Easily cut the tubing to any size required and keep the extra for future use. Sizes range from 1/4" to 3 1/2 " outside diameter and bulk packs hold from 50' to 3,200'.

convoluted tubingHOSA Convoluted Wire Loom
The Hosa WHD-410 Cable Organizer is a 1" plastic corrugated split tubing that is 10' long. Because of it's length, it is very economical and can be cut into two or more shorter lengths.

Reflective Wire LoomConvoShield™ Chrome Loom
Composed of a nylon copolymer base substrate and a highly reflective coating, this product provides protection for wires, cables, and hoses in applications that have heat source temperatures as high as 500°C (±1000°F).

Roundit 2000 Woven Wrap-Around SleevingRoundit® 2000 Woven Wrap-Around Sleeving
From / foot
The perfect balance between Expandable Braided Sleeving and Split Wire Loom. It is a tough, lightweight oversleeve used to bundle and protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chaffing, cutting, and abrading.

Flame Retardant PolypropyleneFlame Retardant Polypropylene Split Loom
Polypropylene is used when higher temperature resistance is required and PE doesn't offer enough resistance. In addition, a flame retardant additive is present which allows the material to pass the UL 94 V2 flame test.

fire retardant sleevingFlexible Nylon Wire Loom
Manufactured from impact modified, heat stabilized Nylon 6; this material offers temperature resistance suitable for automobile engines, and the flexibility to get around tight curves without the slit opening up.

F6 Braided Wrap-Around SleevingF6 Braided Wrap-Around Sleeving
From per foot
F6's unique split, semi-rigid braided construction makes it the ideal solution for situations where ease of installation is of primary importance.


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