Raised Floor Cable Management System

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Contractor shall provide submittals, materials, and installation of the complete cable management system, to include all flooring, ramps, rails, power, data, and communication components, as shown on the contract drawings and as specified in this document.


  1. General Contractor shall provide clear access to and a clean, dry sub-floor area, free of construction debris or materials. No other trade activities shall be scheduled for the area to receive cable management system during the installation of the system. Sub-floor shall be provided level to specification (Cable Management System shall not be correctional). Area to receive system to be secure, dry, and maintained at a temperature range of 40 to 90 degrees F and a relative humidity range of 20% to 70%.

  2. Electrical Contractor shall provide all necessary material and labor to provide electrical service from the building to all Cable Management Systems power input points as specified. Electrical Contractor shall provide all labor necessary to connect Cable Management System, power input whips to electrical junction box or service panel as specified. Power input whips shall be provided to the electrical contractor by the Cable Management system contractor.

  3. Data/Comm Cabling Contractor shall provide all necessary material and labor to provide network and phone service from the building to all Cable Management Systems distribution centers or outlets as specified.


Low Profile Cable Management System provided as a complete integrated system to include finished carpet covered surface, electrical power outlets and all inter-connecting power cabling, communication outlets, data outlets, all data/comm. cabling, and intermediate wiring center suitable for bulk connection to building services. System shall provide a complete floor located Cable Management System (CMS) to meet or exceed the following requirements:

A) No CMS component is to be mechanically or permanently affixed to the building structure in any fashion, except for power, data, and communication service connections.

B) CMS shall not exceed 3" nominal height, to include all components except railings and intermediate wiring centers.

C) Ramp access to the CMS to be provided not to exceed 18" in length, where ADA access is required not to exceed 36" in length.

D) CMS shall support a weight load capacity of at least 41,000 lbs per square foot.

E) CMS shall be provided in a panel configuration, to allow for the relocation of any panel, complete with finished surface, with any other panel in the system. Panel relocation to be accomplished without any disconnection or reconnection of any mechanical attachment devises. Panels shall be not less than 12" x 12" and not greater than 24" x 24" nominal, except edge panels provided to be field "cut to fit" to meet building constraints.

F) CMS shall allow for power, data, or communication outlets to be located at a minimum of 9" center to center in both horizontal directions.

G) All power, data, and communication outlets shall be provided flush mounted to panels as specified. Relocation of panels with outlets shall be accomplished without the disconnection of the outlets.

H) All electrical power components shall be provided as part of a complete manufactured wiring system, UL-183 Listed and meeting National Electrical Code requirements as stated in Sections 604 & 605. System shall provide a minimum of four 20 ampere circuits per leg. All circuit shared neutral conductors shall be minimum size of 10 awg. All components to be UL rated at 20 amp. capacity.

I) All data components provided shall meet EIA/TIA standards for Copper 4 UTP, Category 5 performance levels or greater. All communication components provided shall meet EIA/TIA standards for Category 3 performance levels or greater.

J) All Data/Comm. Outlets and Jacks shall be provided as modular plug in type components that do not require field termination of cabling. All Data/Comm. Cabling shall be provided pre-terminated with appropriate modular end connectors for connection to outlets and wring closet.

K) CMS shall include an intermediate wiring center as part of the system. The wiring center shall be provided to be located within the CMS and function as part of the data/comm. System as a distribution center or consolidation point. Center shall be inter-changeable with any panel location.


A) Submit drawings showing complete cable management system including panel layout and all system components.

B) Submit details and descriptive notes for product data, maintenance, and warranty information.

C) Submit for approval one full size panel with finished surface, understructure, and one each of power, data, and communications components.


Submit certified laboratory test data, UL Listing information, and appropriate reference information, which indicates the system complies with the performance specified herein.

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