Where does Powerflor© fit in?


Powerflor's benefits are most readily identified with and capitalized on, in those environments where the use of technology is intensive and or the connection location for use of the services, changes frequently. These types of environments are constantly servicing / upgrading the connectivity to their services and/or reconfiguring the locations where the connectivity is required.

modular chaseway

underside of Raised Floor

Call Centers, Computer Training Rooms, IT Lab Areas, Conference Rooms & Centers, are all areas where these two conditions usually exist. Certainly our systems have been successfully used in other types of areas for various reasons, but the market Powerflor serves best, is those areas where computer use is extensive and or the churn rate is high. Conversely, if all you need is a place to hide wires, Powerflor© is usually not the best option.

Modularity & Pre-Manufacturing

Powerflor can do what it does, because every aspect of the system is pre-manufactured and modular. The floor panels are shipped completely assembled, including the carpet surface and ready to set in place. They are modular and interchangeable with each other, so a panel with an outlet in it can be easily exchanged for any other panel in the system. All electrical components are also modular and pre-manufactured; they simply snap together and hook into the floor components. The same is true with a full selection of IT / Communication components for any requirement. All services are provided utilizing a "Plug & Play " philosophy. But most important is that all of these elements are integrated into a single cohesive system, which functions in concert with each other as opposed to having to deal with them as individual disciplines.

bottom view of 4 squares of raised flooring

power outlets in PowerFlor    data port on PowerFlor

Cost Effectiveness

The Powerflor system is a very competitive option, that when used appropriately, becomes the least costly means of providing the cabling infra-structure. This saves you both time and money. Conversely, Powerflor might never be the least expensive raised floor provider.

Powerflor's cost has to be evaluated against the total cost of the installed raised floor plus the installed carpet plus the installed power outlets plus the installed DataCom services. Then you have to consider how much you'll spend keeping the space usable, over its life. When you need an outlet in a different location, how much will it cost to meet that requirement with trades based elements vs. modular / pre-manufactured component based elements. Or if you wish to service or upgrade your services, can you effect those changes with the least amount of disruption to your space and at the lowest cost, renovating your construction based environment or by utilizing a modular system environment.

It is not uncommon for the cost of a Powerflor system to be 25% of the total cost of traditional installations. Powerflor future proofs your space, allowing you to change an environment to meet your changing needs.

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