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modular chaseway

The Electrical Power is a pre-manufactured wiring system that provides four 20 amp circuits per leg. All connections are multi-conductor quick-disconnect type that allow for connection and disconnect without tools. Four simple components make up this system: the Junction box which receives a Duplex outlet Insert identified with its circuit feed designation, a Double-Ended Cable Harness for connection between Junction boxes and a Single-Ended Cable Harness for connection to building.

Electrical Components

  • Junction Box
  • Duplex Outlet Insert
  • Cable Harnesses
Raised Floor outlet

Powerflor electrical cables

Powerflor Electrical System

The Electrical system consists of four basic parts, the Junction Box & Duplex Insert and the inter-connecting cable harnesses. The cable harnesses are available in various lengths and are provided as power input whips or double ended for connecting two junction boxes.

Powerflor Electrical System

The total system is Plug & Play with no hard wiring required. The components just snap together and cannot be connected incorrectly.

The Duplex Inserts are numbered to identify which circuit is being used.

electrical connector

underside of Powerflor system

The Electrical Outlets clip into the back of the Power Port using Spring Tension Clips and provides an easily accessible and very flexible electrical system.

Some Technical Stuff

  • The Standard Powerflor Electrical System is as manufactured by Tyco/AMP and is their, 8 Wire" Innergy" system.
  • This system provides four 20 ampere circuits per building feed.
  • Standard Powerflor System provides 20 ampere duplex outlet inserts.
  • Standard System provide three standard circuits (shared neutrals & grounds) and one isolated circuit.
  • Each outlet location is powered with all four circuits so Inserts can be easily changed for alternate circuit feed without rewiring.
  • Optional system configurations include two isolated circuits per building feed and isolated grounding for all circuits.
  • Standard Electrical System is completely shielded from Data/Comm cabling.


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