Rack-a-Tiers Receptacle Box Installer

Make Your Electrical Box Installation Jobs Quick and Easy!


Rack-a-Tiers Receptacle Box Installer

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Rack-a-Tiers Receptacle Box Installers

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these these box installer guides?

  • Simple reusable tool reduces the time spent trying to align electrical and recessed boxes increasing your productivity and saving you money
  • Innovative built in "check" design makes it clear if you placed the box accurately
  • Perfect for use with many styles of device & fixture boxes whether they be installed in the walls or ceiling
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How many times have you had the job of installing an electrical outlet box only to find you didn’t align it or install it properly? The RBI, receptacle box installer, ensures that that is a problem of the past. This tool will increase the efficiency and accuracy of installing electrical outlet boxes thanks to its built-in "quick-check" feature which allows you to verify the set of the box with a simple flip.

  • Versatility built in - works on double and triple studs and beams
  • Each set is equipped with three styles of installers so that you are prepared for the job at hand
  • Installs receptacle boxes quickly and easily to sheetrock depth
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty


RAT-44050 1/2" Receptacle Box Installer 3 0.075 lb. Red DISCONTINUED
RAT-44050 1/2" Receptacle Box Installer 3 0.075 lb. Red DISCONTINUED


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