Rack-A-Tiers Laser Chalk Bob IV

Combines a Laser Chalk and Plumb Bob Into One Easy To Use Device


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Rack-A-Tiers Laser Chalk Bob IV

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this laser chalk?

  • Horizontal and vertical "chalk" lines create consistent starting locations for each outlet or fixture, as well as keeping your conduit runs straight and even
  • 4 reliable  reference points  helps ensure that electrical, framing, or hanging work is consistent and level
  • Two "bob" points make hanging a chandelier or  track lights on vaulted or high bay ceilings fast, safe, and easy
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With its 2 plum bob inspired points, the Laser Chalk Bob IV takes the annoying guess work out of finding that perfect center point on your ceiling to hang a lamp over a new dining room table. Horizontal and vertical chalk lines, can save your walls from the messy, unsightly pencil lines left behind when the cutout for a new receptacle box is drawn.


Because it helps your conduit, fixtures, and frame work remain accurate, level, and consistent from start to completion, the Laser Chalk Bob IV gives your electrical work a clean and professional look.

  • Runs off of (2) AA batteries for 16 continuous hours
  • 360° rotation on the ground or tripod when attached to the rotational base
  • Lines blink to indicate when in an out-of-level range
  • Small, compact design fits easily inside your tool box or tool bag
  • Includes red laser target, batteries, and padded case
  • Chalk Lines are accurate to 0.25" at 20'
  • Bob Lines are accurate to an 0.125" ± at 16'
  • Line Laser wave length: 630-580 nm


RAT-24402 Laser Chalk Bob IV 0.25" at 20' 0.125" ± at 16' 1.4 lbs.
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