Rack-a-Tiers Hoppy Bender

Revolutionize Your Manual Bending Capabilities

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What's special about this conduit bender?

  • Easy-to-read benchmark symbols and offset-degree scales are on opposite sides of the bender head making it simple to distinguish the measurements you need
  • Even the most complicated offsets, 3 & 4 point saddles, and 90° bends come out perfect and are completed in a fraction of the time it takes with other benders
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RAT-57050 1/2" Hoppy Bender - **Handle Included** 6.5 lbs.
RAT-57057 Mechanical Swing Stop for 1/2" Hoppy Bender 0.25 lb
RAT-57050Lab Handle Label 0.5 lb.
RAT-57075 3/4" Hoppy Bender - **Handle Included** 6.5 lbs.
RAT-57075Lab Handle Label 0.25 lb.
RAT-57077 Mechanical Swing Stop for 3/4" Hoppy Bender 0.25 lb.
RAT-57002 Handle 3 lbs.
RAT-57005 Stainless Steel Thumbscrew 0.1 lb.

The use of a bender eliminates the need for transporting and stocking pre-formed elbows, which saves you time, money, and storage space. Because it's easy to use and comes equipped with a fixed-radius one-sweep design and cast-in symbols and measurements, even the novice on your team will be able to perform perfect bends.

  • Innovative "Stop" feature comes standard attached to the head and is used to create exact and repeatable bends every time
  • Multipliers, or numbers/ markings, are etched for permanent readings and make it simple to know where to place the stop
  • Standard 22.5° and 45° markers are engraved for commonly used bends
  • Thanks to the creative design, you can perform 3 point bends without having to reverse the conduit in the shoe for correct stop placement
  • Reference charts are actually printed on the handle for locating bend marks
  • Eliminate the need for expensive and bulky pre-formed elbows
  • Use to bend 1/2"or 3/4" EMT Conduit when installing wire or cable in new construction or retrofit
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Traditional Bender - 83 Minutes vs. Hoppy Bender - 27 Minutes
  • Bright yellow handle makes it easy to find on jobsites
  • Steel handle is designed for strength and durability
  • Rugged iron bending head ensures your tool will last a long time
  • Engraved marking won't wear off in time







EMT Conduit

EMT Conduit
From / 100 ft
EMT conduit is unthreaded steel raceway made of galvanized steel. Steel Thinwall EMT conduit is easy to cut and easy to bend - reducing waste and installation time. Metal conduit is non-combustible and easily adaptable to future wiring changes.

Electric PVC BenderElectric PVC Heater / Bender
Easy to use: preheat for 10 minutes, insert PVC, rotate until pliable, remove and form bend. Sturdy double wall metal with fiberglass insulation and reflective interior for fast, even heat. Full length door for easy PVC loading and removal.


Cam Rack Conduit BenderCam Track® Conduit Bender
One bender to bend EMT, IMC and Rigid Conduit. Fast and easy set-up on the job site. True one shot 90° bends with CT models for quick accurate bends.

conduit benderSITE-RITE® Aluminum and
SITE-RITE II® Iron Hand Conduit Benders

Greenlee® Hand Conduit Benders are available in heat-treated aluminum or malleable iron. The EMT, Rigid, or IMC conduit benders are offered with or without the handle. Affordable hand operated conduit benders to complete most conduit bending projects.

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