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Cable Pulling Stands and Caddy


Reel End Spool Repair
Quickly and easily lay your damaged wire holder onto the base, thread the bar through and secure with the locking lid for a brand new spool you can use over and over.


Rack-A-Tier Wire Dispenser
Pipe Wrench Adapter for Rack-A-Tier
Interlocking pairs snap apart to dispense wiring from just about any size spool. (5) 1.75" holes provided to support cable bars, and a "V" notch to support larger bars.


EZ Roll Mobile Wire Dispenser
Easily transport and dispense up to 1000' of wire with this wheeled cart that also collapses for quick storage.


Tug-Wise Reel Management System
With the Tug-Wise reel management system you can safely turn any cable reel into a turn-table style system, with a full 360° pull off, that will allow you to lay cable in any direction.


Caddy Mac Rolling Spool Cart
Holds a wide range of spool sizes, with wire guides that make smooth feeding from the spool quick and easy. The spindle locking system makes it secure. Load capacity: 400 lbs.


Spool Mac
Rollers on the spool arms allow smooth roll rotation making you installation easier. Strong, durable and functional, the perfect accessory for your heavy duty wiring jobs.

Cable Pullers

Wire Puller Strap

Wire Puller Strap
Designed with triangle-shaped holes that grip wires without tape or adhesive, these straps attach to fish tapes so you can pull multiple cables at once without them getting tangled.

Rack-a-Tiers All American Pull Buddy Multi Pack

All American Pull Buddy Multi Pack
Place the Pull Buddy in the conduit or junction box and instantly you have a pulley system for the wires coming through. Thanks to the smooth interior surface of the buddy there is less friction created so the wires just slide through the conduit without the risk of fraying.



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