Bullseye Products® Quick Patch Fiberglass Repair Patches

Resilient Repairs without Paste, Caulk, Sealant, or any Messy Liquid


Quick Patch, conduit repair patches, fiberglass repair patch

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Quick Patch Fiberglass Repair Patches

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these repair patches?

  • Comes as a patch that bonds firmly to nearly any solid material (except polypropylene) for easy repairs
  • Works with plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, concrete, and fiberglass
  • UV activated design fully cures within hours in the sun
  • Once cured, the patches may be drilled, sanded, and painted just like the original material
  • Ideal for making permanent repairs on conduit, exhaust pipes, fairings, surfboards and much more
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We could make a list of items that the Quick Patch works on, but the list of what it doesn't work on is much shorter: Polypropylene. For anything else, expect strong, long-lasting repairs. This makes a great alternative to the messy pastes, caulks, and sealants that you may be used to. These patches are much less expensive than replacing any of the items we expect you to use them on!

  • Begins curing in 5 minutes and does not expand or shrink
  • The material is very flexible and will conform to your application
  • Resists temperatures from -40° to 392° F (-40° to 200° C)


Heat Resistance Wet: 194° F (90° C)
Dry: 392° F (200° C)
Chemical Resistance Good n/a
Temperature range -40° to 392° F (-40° to 200° C) n/a
Materials Fiberglass-reinforced Polyester/Plastic blend n/a
Appearance Sheet Lamination n/a
Color Grey n/a
Curing Mechanism UV Light Natural (Sun) or Lamp n/a
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Strength > 9 kV/mm IEC 243
Arc Resistance > 180 seconds ASTM D 495
Tracking Resistance > 600V IEC 112
Insulation Resistance 10^13Ω IEC 93
Technical Data
Tensile Strength > 55 Mpa BS 2782 bis 1994
Flexural Strength > 130 Mpa ASTM D 790-03
Flexural Modulus > 5.98 Mpa ASTM D 2344
Elongation at Break > 3% BS 2782 bis 1994
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion > 2.9°10^-5K^-1 ASTM D 696-03
Impact Resistance > 60 kJ/m^2 BS EN ISO 180
Hardness > 60 Barcol ASTM D 2583
Compressive Strength > 200 Mpa ASTM D 695-2002
Adhesion to C-Steel > 14 Mpa ASTM D 4541-02
Water Vapor Permeability 0.28g/m^2/24h/mmHg ASTM E 96
Heat Distortion > 145° C ASTM D 648
Fire Rating Class 1 BS 476 pt7:1997 ASTM 84
Flash Point 89.6° F (32° C) ASTM D 93

NOTE: Does Not Bond to Polypropylene

BEP-QP3X6 Small 3" x 6" 1  
BEP-QP6X9 Medium 6" x 9" 1  
BEP-QP9X12 Large 9" x 12" 1  
BEP-QP3X6-CASE Small 3" x 6" 48  
BEP-QP6X9-CASE Medium 6" x 9" 12  
BEP-QP9X12-CASE Large 9" x 12" 12  
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