Cable Protector Transport Cart: Sometimes the “Lazy Way” is Just Smarter

cable-protector-transport-cartEver picked up a heavy-duty polyurethane cable protector? They’re heavy – sometimes really heavy. Depending on its width and the amount of “ramp” area it has, a typical cord protector can range anywhere from 20 to 100 lbs. Granted, for that type of product, heft is a definite selling point, because it means that the cord protectors aren’t going to be pancaked or pushed around when pedestrians and vehicles go over them. But think about the fact that you almost never need just one cable protector, and that they’re often used on a temporary basis.

Add it all up, and that means some serious cable protector hauling every time you need to set up, break down, or just change configuration. Not that having to break a sweat every now and then is a bad thing, but seeing as how most cable protectors are at lease 3 feet long, they can be a little unweildy to schlep, considering their weight. Moving more than one at a time is, in most cases, not advisable. Now, I know that there are a few people out there (I may or may not be one of them) who think that making multiple trips is lame, and would rather overload themselves in the name of efficiency than have to go back a second or third time. These people tend to end up in pain shortly after entertaining these thoughts. These people need to get a cable protector transport cart.

You heard me. The Yellow Jacket Cord Protector Cart. It can hold up to 12 of the biggest and baddest cable protectors at once, but lets you roll them from Point A to Point B in comfort, instead of juggling them like an idiot and sweating like a pig. And in the event that you just need to store the cord covers for a while instead of immediately setting them up in another location, the cart doubles as the perfect storage rack. When it’s time to put the cable protectors back in action, just wheel them wherever you need them. I hate to say it, but sometimes the “lazy” way really does end up being the smarter way.

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Yellow Jacket Cable Protectors

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yellow-jacket-open-sRunning cable and hoses across the ground or floor in industrial facilities, parking lots, and high-traffic public places like convention centers and stadiums can be an expensive undertaking, especially if the cables and hoses aren’t properly protected. Save yourself the outrageous expense of cable replacement and liability costs by making a one-time investment in extra heavy duty cable protectors like those by Yellow Jacket®.

Yellow Jacket® cable protectors are made of a proprietary high density polyurethane called Durathane, which is formulated to stand up to heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic so that your cables are safeguarded against impact, abrasion and crushing even in the harshest conditions. To keep things neat and organized inside the cord cover, you’ll find anywhere from 1 to 5 channels, so you have the option to separate different types of cables from one another (say, power and data) or keep individual hoses and lines securely in place.

To reduce your slip-and-fall liability, the surfaces of Yellow Jacket® protectors have a molded-in diamond tread pattern that gives pedestrians plenty of traction as they cross over the cord covers. Yellow Jackets® interlock together with dog-bone shaped connectors, which, while they lock snugly together, have been specifically designed to simply disconnect when placed under extreme duress, instead of just snapping off and ruining the entire cable protector. That’s just another way these cord covers can save you money in the long run.

Just how long will your investment in Yellow Jacket® cable covers be good for? How does 2 decades sound? There are actually Yellow Jackets® on record that have been under constant heavy use for over 20 years, and they’re still intact and functional.

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