B&W Specialty Outdoor Cases

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bw-casesThose of you outdoor adventurer types who like to take photographic equipment and other electronics down rivers, up mountains, and across deserts have probably found that the same natural elements you love being in touch with can wreak havoc on electronics. Even in the smallest doses, water, dirt, sand, salt, weather, and even animals can render valuable cameras and communications useless very quickly.

You can’t very well leave your camera at home (don’t miss out on those photo ops), and you need to have cell phones and walkie-talkies on hand to communicate with other people in your group (nobody get lost, now), so your best bet it to protect your traveling electronics with B&W outdoor cases.

These completely watertight and dust-tight cases stand up to shock and exposure to chemicals, and are made of corrosion-proof ABS plastic, so you never have to worry about anything rusting out. And if, in your travels, you have elevation changes to consider, that’s no problem – B&W’s outdoor cases have built-in pressure equalization valves, so activities like plane flights and mountain climbing won’t cause the cases to pop open from air pressure buildup.

Another great feature of these specialty outdoor cases is that they’re available with fully customizable foam inserts, which can be uniquely configured so that they perfectly cradle you equipment – there’s no danger of it knocking around loose inside the case. And if security is an issue, you even have the option of padlocking B&W cases, thanks to their sturdy, built-in padlock eyes. And you’re not even limited to carrying them around by their handles, briefcase-style. If hands-free is your idea of the way to go, just go with the optional backpack accessory, which allows you to transform your B&W case into a backpack when it’s time to hit the hiking trail.

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Pelican Micro Cases

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pelican-micro-caseAll of you gadget fans out there should get a kick out of today’s featured product – I know I do! If small electronics like cell phones, MP3 players, or PDAs often accompany you to the beach or on camping trips, boats and other outdoor activities, you need a Pelican Micro Case. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, they’re manufactured by Pelican, the renowned case company that’s known for their watertight, crushproof, and buoyant equipment cases. Their regular line of products is commonly used by the military, professional photographers, and other groups and professions whose equipment require the ultimate in protection both in the field and during travel.

But for the rest of us Average Joes and Janes (you know, the ones who don’t have weapons, sophisticated computers or insanely expensive photographic equipment to protect) Pelican developed the Micro Case Series. Even though they’re small, these polycarbonate Micro Cases are extremely rugged — they’re so tough, in fact, that they can withstand up to 5000 lbs of pressure. True story: last year, we at CableOrganizer.com decided to test this for a product demonstration video, so we took a Micro Case out to the parking lot and ran it over with a large SUV. NO damage!

The case’s waterproof qualities are equally impressive: Micro Cases completely seal out moisture. Whether you drop one overboard or leave it out in the rain, absolutely no water can get inside to harm your belongings. And have I mentioned that these mini Pelican cases also feature an automatic purge valve. This built-in valve automatically equalizes the case’s internal pressure with the ambient air pressure surrounding it, so there’s no threat of the case popping open during air travel, mountain climbing, or any other activities that involve altitude changes.

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