The Benefits Of Using A Charging Station

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We all know that sometimes in their working life your devices will eventually need charging. Although it can be difficult to charge multiple items at the onetime especially when there are minimal power points located in your room. If you find you have this problem, then look no further than the BlueLounge® Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station which is ideal for charging multiple devices at the one time to help keep you on the move.

The Benefits Of Using A Charging Station

One of the main benefits of using a charging station such as the BlueLounge® Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station is that it is able to handle up to 3 devices at the one time. This can help with charging up to 3 iPods, iPhones, cell phones, or any other smaller type of mobile devices. This is great for anyone who may be travelling and need the perfect compact way to charge all devices in a quick and easy manner.

Not only does this charging station provide easy charging of mobile devices but it is able to also include support for 2 iPod connections, micro USBs, and mini USB devices. It can also accommodate for modern portable devices for added convenience and versatility.

Another great thing about this particular charging station is that is able to offer an angled look which is perfect for allowing you to view your incoming messages as well as phone calls easily. It also provides a user friendly way of changing your playlist and provides easy access to your devices at any time.

One more great feature about the BlueLounge charging station is that is provides a rubberized top which helps to keep your devices clean and professional looking while helping to keep them in place at all times during the charging process.

So if you are in need of a user friendly and simple way of charging your devices then why not take a look at the BlueLounge® Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station and see just how user friendly this charging unit can actually be for your busy lifestyle.

Manhattan High-Speed USB Flex Hub: Who Says Data Transfer Can’t Be Fun?

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Early this morning, as I do on most Fridays, I took a quick peek at the reviews for today’s movie releases while perusing the headlines online. Much to my surprise, a critic whose opinion I trust said that although she was more or less dragged  to see (out of a sense of duty to her profession) the Farrelly Brothers’ take on The Three Stooges, it was, in fact, non-stop fun. So it looks like this weekend I’ll be opening my mind (and wallet) to some eye-poking, nyuk-nyuks and other assorted buffoonery even though I’ve hardly been able to make it through a single commercial for this flick. Looks like things are about to take a turn for the wacky.

In that spirit, let me introduce you to a computer accessory that’s equally fun and wacky, but in a strangely stylish way. Meet the High-Speed USB Flex Hub from Manhattan.

If someone told you “hey, I just got a USB hub that’s bendy and kind of ring-shaped and red, green, orange and yellow,” you’d probably cringe inwardly (I know I would). I love bright colors and all, but generally speaking, I prefer them separately – not in Crayola-box mish-moshes. But somehow, this totally works – it’s fun and whimsical and super sleek, yet at the same time, it’s all business… someone has to transfer all that data, after all.

So if you’re running short on USB ports on your computer but want a way to lighten up the mood at your workstation, this is definitely it. It looks great, moves data super fast, and best of all, it won’t even try to poke you in the eye. Nyuk nyuk.

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