Re-Route Tricky Cables With Spiral Wrap

Have you ever installed cables within a cover to find that you are putting holes in the cover to re-route cables to different applications needed? Well with the Spiral Wrap and Wire Wrap you don’t have to anymore. Created for easy re-routing in mind, this wrap is perfect for use with any application where A/V cabling and other wires may be in use.

Cable Wrap Just Got Better With Spiral Wrap 

Because of its unique design it is perfect for re-rou01-spiral-wrap-colorsting cables with its breakout spiral appearance. It features a thick polyethylene plastic which is designed to prevent abrasions as well as keeping pets away from it. These cable wraps are designed with an extremely versatile flexibility which allows for the cables to be used in almost any area or application. It comes available in a variety of colors which makes it perfect for use in almost any room of a home to easily match with your surrounding décor.

Because of its design it is generally available by the foot or in a spool of 100ft for larger and more demanding projects and applications. It is great for AV cables and other entertainment wiring and can organize a number of cables into the one neat and organized bundle. It is also great for any home or business application, and is designed with a durable casing which can easily multiple fit with most sized cables. This cable wrap is easy to install and provides optimal covering of all you’re wiring with ease. Not only that they can easily provide high cable management for long term installation which is great for many residential and commercial applications.  Spiral Wrap

So if you are in need of cable and wiring protection where you can re-route cables in all directions, then why not try the Spiral Wrap and Wire Wrap cable wrap and see how your application becomes neater and more user friendly.


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Spiral Wrap

April 15, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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spiral-wrap_smWhat do you use when you want to bundle and protect cables, but still need to have the option of breaking cables out at different points along the way? You reach for Spiral Wrap, of course. True to its name, spiral wrap is indeed a long, tightly-wound plastic spiral which makes up a flexible, near-solid tube that can be wrapped around cords and wires that you’d rather have covered. Spiral wrap is similar in concept to wire loom, except that it has thicker walls, and instead of breaking cables out of a lengthwise slit, you just feed them out of the bundle (between coils) as needed.

As I just mentioned, spiral wrap is substantially thicker than standard wire loom, a feature that makes it ideal for fending off gnawing pets who would otherwise chew through your cables. As a matter of fact, we’ve heard from a customer who uses spiral wrap to keep her rabbit from chewing on low-hanging lamp cords.

Our spiral wrap is made from tough but flexible polyethylene plastic, which is excellent at resisting abrasion. You can order it by the foot for small cable management tasks, or buy it by the spool for bigger jobs. It’s available in you choice of 6 solid or 3 neon colors.

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