Weekly Video Rewind: Rumble Strips

We’re gearing up for the season of Summer Blockbusters, but this opening day,  the two leading ladies of Snow White and the Huntsman aren’t the only things in movies that are ready to rumble: check out our product demo video of the week:

Speed Nubs Rumble Strips: If you’ve ever wished you could slow down traffic (in a way that won’t get you arrested for doing something really, really weird), take less than a minute out of your day and watch as our in-house New Products Guru explains how to use Speed Nubs Rumble Strips, which are more or less DIY speed bumps for driveways and private parking lots. Speed Nubs are made of heavy duty molded rubber, have excellent surface traction, and can be anchored to the ground (either temporarily or permanently) using nails/spikes or epoxy. If you know a speed demon or two who need to be taught a lesson, you’re definitely going to want to check this out.

Speed Nubs Rumble Strips: Think You’re Gonna Speed on My Turf? You’d Better Think Again.

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speed-nubs-rumble-stripsWe’ve all got one: the moron down the street who rips down the road at twice the posted speed limit, so busy reaching for their dropped cell phone or honking and yelling at their high-class neighborhood drinking buddies that they can’t be bothered to look out for, say, kids out on their bikes, or cars coming in the opposite direction. There’s one such model citizen living about a block from me, and every single time I hear his rusted-out van tearing past, I wish that I had some of those spiky stop sticks that the police throw across the road to neatly and efficiently end high-speed chases.

While I have a winning design idea for a front-porch stop stick launcher that can reel deployed tire spikes back into my house after they’ve done their job, I’m unfortunately a mere civilian who can’t lawfully take such drastic measures. But I’m happy to say that non-law-enforcement types now have the means to control traffic speed in driveways and private parking lots, as well as at special events. Meet Speed Nubs Rumble Strips.

In addition to having an incredibly fun-to-say name, Speed Nubs Rumble Strips possess the power to get the attention of otherwise indifferent drivers, and have a way of encouraging better braking skills. Basically do-it-yourself speed bumps, Rumble Strips are heavy duty rubber strips that can be “nailed” into the ground via their included 3-inch spikes, anywhere that you see the need for speed control.

Rumble Strips come in pairs, and are available in black (to blend in), yellow (to say “watch out!”), or a combination of the two. They can be used at the ends of driveways, to slow incoming cars before they possibly encounter playing children, and to slow down kids on bikes who are inclined to speed out of the driveway and into the street without checking for traffic first. They’re also excellent for use in and around pickup/drop-off areas at schools and daycare centers, and can keep traffic flow in check in special event parking lots.

So, you think you’re gonna speed on my turf, huh? Then you’d best get ready to rumble.

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Eagle Parking Stops and Speed Bumps

06-speed-bump_closeupIf you’ve ever wanted to build your very own parking lot, now’s your chance. I’ve never thought of speed bumps and parking blocks as something you can just go and order online, but we’ve just added them to the website, so I guess you can! Personally, I have no immediate use for parking lot fixtures, but I think it’s pretty cool that they’re easily available if the need ever arises.

While most of us are used to speed bumps and parking stops being molded out of concrete or asphalt, these Eagle products add a neat new twist to things because they’re made out of high-density polyurethane, and are both movable and reusable. This makes them perfect for temporary parking areas at schools, parks, and special events – you can custom-configure them to plot out traffic flow and parking, so everything is safer and a little more organized.

And here’s another thing I like about Eagle speed bumps that you won’t see with the run-of-the-mill asphalt kind: they also do double-duty as cable protectors! Each speed bump has 2 cable channels molded into its underside, so if you need to run power cords or other types of cables across a vehicle path, it’s no problem. Just cover the cables with the speed bumps, and they’ll be protected from crushing while you, at the same time, limit vehicles to a safe speed.

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