Test Your Cables Properly With An RJ45 Coax Tester

RJ45 coax tester 1Do you need to test your coax and Cat5/Cat6 cables to ensure proper continuality and termination for optimal speed and ease? Well look no further than the POCKET CAT™ RJ45 Coax Tester from Byte Brothers. Byte Brothers offers high quality testing equipment for a number of different applications which can make all your electrical and cable equipment function properly at all times.

Cable Testing At Its Best With The Pocket Cat RJ45 Coax Tester

This cable tester features an integrated tone mode that can utilize a variety of tone probes which are able to tract and troubleshoot cables behind the walls. It features an easy to grip design with non-slip properties which helps to protect it against accidental dropping and rough use. Not only is it comfortable in your hand, but it also provides testing of coaxial cabling and network applications by simply plugging the device with the adapter and pressing the button for easy reading of split pairs, reversals, opens/shorts, and continuity testing.

To ensure that the user can read it, it features a simple blue LED light which is able to show results clearly to help save time. It is designed to provide a 1 year warranty, and is beneficial for saving battery power with its 12 second auto shut-off mechanism. It is designed with a soft zipper pouch for optimal storage and protection.

This product is great for applications where constant checking of cables is required or where a fault may be found. It provides usersRJ45 coax tester 2 with a user friendly and easy to operate device which is perfect for long term testing applications. Unlike some other testers it can easily promote an easy to read screen which delivers effortless and fast use for any user.

So if you have Cat5, Cat6 or coax cables within your application that need checking, why not try the simple method of using a coax tester to make sure your application is working at full capacity.

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SMARTest Compact Network Tester: All the Testing Capabilities, a Fraction of the Size

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SMARTestIt’s pretty much become Indisputable Law that technology has to shrink in order to be considered “improved.” Think about it -when he had his day off back in 1986, Ferris Bueller made his mobile phone calls on a handset the size of a cinderblock. These days, almost any non-defunct cell phone can easily be dwarfed by a deck of cards. The same is true with laptops, iPods, stereo systems, and just about any other electronic gadget that makes our lives easier or more fun – smaller has become the universal “better.”

And the Shrink Effect has gone so much further than mere consumer gadgets – the pros are getting in on the action, too, especially in the realm of cable testers. There was a time when your standard RJ-45/coax tester was literally a handful (or more), but lately, thanks to Cables-To-Go, things are a little more manageable. Meet the SMARTest, the first pen-style cable tester of its kind, which also happens to be small enough to slip into any pocket out there. At approximately 1 x 5 inches, this baby is tiny, but don’t let its size fool you. It may be small, but it still has all the testing capabilities of the big dogs, like open, short, split and crossed pair detection, and even has a built-in tone generator for easy wire traces. So enjoy the extra space in your toolbag, and happy testing! Just don’t forget that the SMARTest is in your back pocket and accidentally sit on it.

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Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device

rj45-blockout-mainIt seems like the topic of computer and data security keeps popping up in conversation lately, and I just realized that up to now, I’ve tended to look at things from a strictly “computer protection” angle. You know, computer locks, USB port blocks, laptop security screens, lockable CPU cabinets, that kind of thing. It’s pretty obvious that no one wants a thief taking off with their laptop or stealing personal information off a hard drive, but what do you do when you want to secure an actual network infrastructure?

There are always passwords, firewalls and other software-based preventive measures that can be taken, but if you’re running a fairly large facility that receives a lot visitors or is frequently accessed outside of normal business hours, it’s smart to have physical protection in place as well. This is the part where I tell you about Panduit® RJ45 Jack Blockouts.

If you’re worried about viruses and worms being uploaded to your network or sensitive data being stolen from it, then you’ve got to think about limiting network access points. I’m talking about actually controling the number of RJ45 jacks that can be plugged into. Take a walk around your company’s offices, and you’ll probably find a pretty high number of data ports that are just sitting there, unused and not doing a darned thing. Remember that old saying about idle hands being the devil’s playground? Well, in the same way, idle RJ45 jacks can be a network vandal’s playground. Ruin a data thief’s fun by cutting down on the possibility of illicit network access - just snap Panduit’s RJ45 blocking devices into the empty jacks throughout your offices or facility.

Jack blockout devices work just like plugs, except they don’t just pull out when you want them to. In order to be removed, they need to be “unlocked” with a special tool, which can be left in the hands of your IT people for safe keeping. Insertion and removal of the data port block is completely safe for the jack, and won’t wear down its contacts or cause other degradation, even though multiple uses.

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EZ RJ45 Connectors

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ez-rj45-plug-connectorHow would you like to make your job easier without sacrificing the quality of the final results? If you’re an IT tech who does a lot of cable terminations with RJ45 or RJ11/12 connectors, our EZ connectors will help you do just that. I learned to terminate Cat5e cable with these, and let me tell you, they’re incredibly easy to use. Unlike standard RJ45 connectors that require you to feed each wire into it’s own separate channel (which can be very tricky and time consuming), the EZ connectors have just a single slot into which you push all of the wires (which have been previously arranged into the proper lineup for a T568A or T568B wiring scheme).

Aside from how easy they make it to actually feed the wires in, EZ RJ45 connectors also greatly increase your chances of having accurate terminations, thanks to the fact that when the wires emerge through the front of the connector,you can double-check the order they’re in prior to crimping.

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