ReelCraft Side Mount Cart Handles

Side-Mount-Hose-Reel-Cart_602328How is it that so many times, the simplest things can be the most useful? Sure, you can get plenty of cool gadgets that have GPS, lasers, Internet connectability and every other high-tech feature out there, but sometimes what you really need is just some bent metal tubing and a couple of wheels. After all, electronics are great, but they’re not going to get you too far when you’re trying to schlep cable reels from one place to another.

If you’re still scratching your head over the “bent metal tubing” comment and wondering what on Earth that has to do with transporting spools of wire, let me explain. I recently came across the ReelCraft® Side Mount Cart Handle, and I have to say that despite it’s simplicity, it’s really pretty smart. Fully-loaded cable reels can be pretty unweildy to just hoist up and carry around, so it just makes sense to have what is essentially a wheel-equipped handle that attaches to the spool and lets you just push or pull it around.

The Side Mount Cart Handle is 42 inches tall, so when you use it, there’s no bending involved. You just grab on to any point that’s comfortable for you, and and enjoy the lack of back strain. Add to that a couple of smooth-rolling semi-pneumatic tires, and your job just got a whole lot easier. As for how it works, simple: you just attach it to the side of a reel, and you’re ready to rock.

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ReelCraft GFCI Outlet Box Reels

reelcraft-gfci-outlet-boxI spend an awful lot of time researching different products, and when it comes to those oriented toward workplace safety, I oftentimes end up reading excerpts from OSHA reports that go into all the gruesome details of on-the-job electricity-related deaths. It always seems that at the root of each tragedy was some simple and ridiculous oversight, and that the fatality could have easily prevented if only the victims had been a little more aware of their surroundings. More than a few of these cases involved power tools or electrical appliances that came into contact with water while they were being operated. It makes you wonder: would these people still be alive if the tools that they were using had been plugged into a GFCI?

One could feasibly argue that GFCI receptacles may not be available at all jobsites, and that work must continue with or without them. But throwing your safety at the mercy of chance is never a good idea, especially when you can bring your own portable GFCI along, wherever the job takes you. A portable GFCI, you ask? Why, yes – meet ReelCraft’s GFCI Outlet Box Reel.

This GFCI-on-a-reel is a lot like a standard reeled industrial-grade extension cord, but with an added bonus: the GFCI-equipped outlet box that happens to be wired onto it. Just plug the extension cord into a wall outlet, and then plug your power tools or appliances into the outlet box’s GFCI receptacles. In addition to providing a safe power source, this reel also eliminates the problem of annoying (and potentially dangerous) cord slack – you don’t have to unroll more extension cord than you need, so there’s much less chance of tripping over it.

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